Today in the adventures of my family couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery…

My oldest brother is an English teacher in Vietnam and he is back in the UK this month.

I had arranged to travel back down to my hometown next weekend to see him. Buying the train tickets, booking the time off work…

Today he messaged me on FaceBook saying he was going to Bristol that weekend to see our mother and would I be around?

Now to be fair, this is mostly my fault as I didn’t tell my brother my weekend plans. My fatal mistake was telling my Dad my plans for that weekend and assuming he would tell my brother. I have known my dad for long enough to know that he barely remembers what you said if you leave the room for 30 seconds.

So I have to make a difficult decision about how many family members I see, and how long do I see them for, and which town I see them in.

Priority number 1 should be seeing my oldest brother, as I haven’t seen him since July. 2016. BUT I had been really, really looking forward to a long train journey home (I love long car and train journeys and most of the time reaching my destination is a great disappointment) and the ticket is non refundable.

I haven’t seen a single family member since my mental health breakdown and am a bit anxious about doing so.

I kinda suspected something like this would happen.

I shall have to have a think.

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