September 2017 Expenses: The Full Scoop

Hi everybody!!!!!!

Another month has passed. Let’s see where my disposable income went in September.

TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) = £33.30

A bit pricier then I would like but this involved a taxi to my Mum’s house and she lives in an inaccessible area outside of Bristol, plus additional train fares.

HEALTH = £12.01

This was mainly chewing gum, which seems like a huge amount (and it is) but my medication gives me a dry mouth and copious amounts of chewing gum and about 4 litres of water a day are all that combat it.

SOCIAL = £86.75

This seems like a huge amount because it didn’t seem like I really socialised much in September, so this was mainly made up of meals I had with the boy.


I’m taking real liberties with the definition of a no spend year, aren’t I?

This was made up of ‘solo food and drink’ (my definition for food that wasn’t essential or could have been brought in from home and I was the only person present. If the boy had been with me it would have been a social cost). I also bought my rain coat, but I love it so much I don’t care, plus some books and a denim jacket.


Not many birthday’s this month.

GIFT = £3.29

I bought the boy a helium balloon that said ‘WELL DONE’ on it for when I surprised him at work on his last day in his old job on Friday. He is starting a new job in a week’s time. He also did the Cardiff Half Marathon today and is in a lot of pain, so it was preemptive of that achievement.


If you don’t like these financial blog posts then I have bad news for you as a whole lot more are about to come. I promise I will do some nice recipes for you soon.

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