Financial Review of Week 40

Hi Everybody.

I don’t know why, but I swear that despite no obvious increase in responsibilities or workload there suddenly are less hours in the day.

It’s been a while since I got my bake on, certainly since I made something from my own head rather than someone else’s and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms.

I feel a bit more optimistic about things, but still have a vague sense of apathy and lethargy. My spending is reflecting this. By most people’s standards I haven’t gone ‘off the rails’, but before I considered it an achievement to rack up as many NSDs (No Spend Days) as possible (when I first heard about Buy Nothing Day I was kinda like ‘Yeah I do that s*** already). Now, I will get the bus to the station to get to work as the bus stop is nearer then the local train station, even though my train season ticket covers me from that stop (I maintain I do this because I don’t like travelling any additional distance in the dark at 6am).

This week also saw me get my Marks and Spencer’s voucher which was a ‘reward’ for spending £100 on my newly applied for M&S Credit Card, and as I need new shoes because my Doc Martens are on the way out that’s what I spent it on. One thing this year has taught me is never accept the first offer. Example – I found 2 pairs of shoes I liked on the M&S website which came to £64.50. 2 pairs of shoes for £14.50 isn’t bad, but I knew I could do better. So I logged into my Sparks card account (M&S loyalty card) and sure enough there was a voucher code for 10% off shoes.

Good news is I got two pairs of shoes for £8.05 cash.

Bad news is a few days later I went to M&S for a bra fitting and it turns out I have been wearing the wrong size for, oh, 3-4 years. But by this point I had already spent the voucher so will have to wait till Sainsbury’s do their ‘double up’ event on Nectar points to buy some.

(Sainsbury’s is a big UK supermarket and it is my second least favourite Supermarket on account of it being so f****** expensive, even Waitrose is usually cheaper. Their loyalty scheme is also rubbish but through carefully exploiting deals I have got £10 worth of points, and Sainsbury’s occasionally do events where you can double up your loyalty points. One thing in their favour is I have heard good things about their bra’s)

Anyway, on to the money business.


Bread, Rolls, Bag for Life, Gum £4.90

Avocado, Bag for Life, Pasta Sauce, Garlic Bread, Fresh Pasta £5.95

Omega 3 Fish Oil, Cucumber, Milk, ‘Screme’ Eggs, Carrots £10.80

Clearisel pads (I am 28 and I have more spots then I ever had as a teenager. FML) £3.49

Chickpeas x 2, Chopped Tomatoes x 2, Orange Juice, White Sauce £2.54

Meat pies for the boy £2

Eggs, Plasters, Gum, Mushy Peas x 5, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Bread £7.82


There is very little of the food budget left. This is what I mean about life getting out of hand.




4 x Bus journeys = £4


2 x Gum = £1.98


2 x Shoes £8.05

Miscellaneous snacks at work £2.05

Biscuits for me £1 (I regret nothing)


Biscuits for work £2


Pizza Hut Takeaway £12.59 (I regret nothing)

Beer £2.29

Fish and Chips £7.44 (I regret nothing)

Beer and Coke £5.55

(Total = £15.28)



I thought this was a low spend week, and I still managed to sp**k nearly £100.

Maybe I should do a full on Michelle McGagh if I ever want to be debt free.


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