October 2017 Accounts

So I got into debt in October. I have paid the debt in full, but I’ll explain how it happened.


(A quick recap. I do my monthly expenses posts based on the full calendar month, but my accounts posts run from payday to the day before the next payday).

WAGES £1215.03

PRESENT £50 (My dad sent me the money probably because he felt sorry for me)

SAVINGS £1.15 (Yes, that was the total of my savings)

SEALED POT £4.58 (This was one of those money tins that is hard to open)

TOPCASHBACK £20 (For switching energy suppliers)


TOTAL = £1297.73


Now time for the less fun bit.


Excess Food Budget Spends £51.67 (Seriously went over last month)

Expenses Post September Payday £47.09

Expenses Pre October Payday £313.58 

Bills £1142.50

TOTAL = £1554.84


MONEY IN (£1297.73) – MONEY OUT (£1554.84) = -£257.11

So I got into £257.11 of debt last month. This was the excess spends on my credit card I referred to in my previous post (see here if interested). I have paid that off in full now, so I am back to square one.

No more additional debt, just the horribly big underlying amount.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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