October 2017 Spending Review

Hi Everybody!

(I always begin these posts with ‘Hi Everybody!’ to try and attract attention for the posts which historically get the least views)

So time for an analysis of how my disposable income was spent in October. This is what I was calculating on my spreadsheet at 11.50 pm yesterday.

GIFTS £37.68

The majority was gifts for my work colleagues, a birthday present for a friend and a few treats for my parents.


Ok, so if I am doing a ‘No Spend Year’ I think it is fair to say that has been truly scrapped and it is fairer to call it a ‘Low Spend Year’.

This is high, and a lot of it could have been avoided. But it did include £34 on bra’s after it transpired I have been wearing the wrong size for somewhere between 3-6 years. I think you can forgive me for that.

By the way ladies, do get your breasts measured professionally. I have the happiest breasts ever now that they are safely and comfortably encased in a bra that support and fits and I don’t have to pull up the straps every 30 seconds.



Not bad, but all of those journeys could have been avoided if I had been less lazy.

HEALTH £10.67

Travel insurance to see Queen in December and gum, lots of gum. (Gum has been classified as a health expense because I have increased thirst due to my medication and chewing gum helps with that).

SOCIAL £130.16

Not bad, well actually it is a lot of money, but I had a good time.


Going to see my parents ‘daan sarfff’ (Down South, but in a south coast accent) and going to see my sister in Norwich (I don’t have that accent). This could have been a lot higher but I decided to get the coach to Norwich as it was only half the cost of the train and would only take 8 hours….

TOTAL SPENDS = £400.91

So, disclosure time.

About 5/8ths of that spending was put on my credit card. I have paid that credit card in full, but I had slipped into the habit of buying things when I didn’t actually have the money to buy them.

I am a bit scared of this, so didn’t put the food shopping on the credit card either like I have been doing recently as I don’t want to be reliant on it. I may put it somewhere safe at home.

When I applied for the credit card I set up the direct debit to be paid in full each month as I knew that if I did fall into bad habits that would force me to keep on the straight and narrow. It works a bit like a charge card.

Next up will be a post about my October 2017 accounts, so I have warned you.


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