This is the cake me and my friend baked to celebrate clearing my overdraft

I know it looks a bit like a slightly better #pinterestfail but seriously I have never ever decorated a cake before. Really. For all my baking adventures I generally don’t try to make things pretty, or care much about style, I just care about whether it’s edible or not.

This cake is edible and quite delicious. It is two Nigella Lawson maple syrup sponges with buttercream, jam, icing and an icing wallet with gold confetti supposed to look like coins. It is supposed to be a big, gorgeous, tooth decay inducing cake reminiscent of what you would have at a child’s birthday party.

I don’t think it is the worst thing in the world, which is nothing to do with my friend’s skills and is all to do with mine.

Anyway, time to eat cake.

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