I always try and do a full food inventory at least once a month, most usually after the online delivery and main shops have been done, but this month I have been slacking.

I get a bit obsessive over it. I have a notebook that is now the household notebook, where anything relevant to the home gets recorded within its pages. I also bring out the electronic kitchen scales and weigh the odd half opened packets so I can get an accurate idea of how much I have left.


I’m having to do a bit of emergency cupboard re-arranging, as we are entering Winter. My kitchen is an extension tacked onto the house and as a result has 3 external walls. This means in Summer it is sweltering hot and in Winter it is freezing and damp.

Damp is a major issue in our house, one we are having an ongoing argument with our landlord’s over. As a result I have to have interior dehumidifiers in most of the cupboards that contain foods and I’ve had to move certain things out of the cupboards and on to the work surface to prevent mould building up. This week I had to throw away a few things that were no longer usable due to the damp conditions affecting them, and others I had to use up quickly and I know I won’t replace until the next season.


As I love baking and am also a food hoarder I tend to buy anything and everything on the basis that I might need it one day. This is why I have 6 different dried fruits, 5 different nuts, 2 different types of  seeds and several types of sugar/sugar extracts.


You may have heard me earlier this year refer to my ‘tin collection’, well the good news is I have mostly got that under control and only have 4 tins each of chopped tomatoes and chickpeas.


The boy has the top drawer of the freezer, this is the meat drawer (I don’t eat meat).


I have the next drawer down – the vegetarian food stuffs drawer. I also did it this way as when I was growing up my Dad would arrange our dinner plates in order of descending ages, so I do the same in this house with things.


The third drawer down is the frozen vegetable drawer, and any miscellaneous items that didn’t fit in the bottom drawer.


The bottom freezer drawer is the miscellaneous drawer, it currently has 7 slices of bread, 3 salmon fillets, a tiny bit of ice cream and about 9 individually frozen bananas. It is where the odds and sods go.

I do a food inventory each month as it helps remind me of what I actually need, and what I definitely don’t (fruit and nuts by the looks of things). I often try and set myself a challenge of using up a certain amount of things before the next food shop.

My items to use up before the next food shop are the potato waffles, the ice cream, the bananas and the salmon fillets.


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  1. I like your chocolate stash on the top shelf! Why so you freeze bananas? Can you freeze bananas? Never heard of it before.

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    1. Hello, thank you. Everyone has got to have a chocolate stash 🙂 . You can freeze bananas, I’ve heard that you can make extremely simple banana ice cream by freezing one and then putting it through a food processor, but mine isn’t good enough to do that effectively.

      I freeze banana’s because I love them and usually buy them, but then I might not get to eat them all in time and they will begin to get very ripe. For some that would be a great time to make banana bread, but the boy (my boyfriend) hates bananas and it would just be me eating all the banana bread, and I don’t need any more sugar then necessary. So I freeze the banana’s because I hate food waste, and they make a great addition to a fruit smoothie, or if I can be bothered I can try and put them through the food processor so they are mashed up and then I can bake them as and when I need to. 🙂

      I haven’t tried to thaw a frozen banana, but that may work as well.

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      1. Interesting. I will try to remember to freeze bananas rather than throw them out if they get too ripe. The ice-cream idea sounds worth trying.


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