Financial Review of Week 46


Something is amiss.

As I went to do my weekly transmitting of bar code’s to Shop and Scan I noticed that I had 13 food shopping receipts.

One show I love is Eat Well For Less on the BBC. On this show they take a family who are struggling with their food bills (although one family of four was spending £14000 a year on their grocery shopping, which may stretch the traditional definition of ‘struggling’) and every show the family is asked how much they spent and how many times they went to the shops. And the poor family never get it right.

And I would feel a little flabbergasted and be like ‘How can you not know?’ as I have a meticulous record of everything I have spent since April 1st 2015.


I have this saying which is ‘I write things down in my diary so I don’t have to remember’

So I had no idea I made 13 food shopping transactions this week.

And I don’t know how much I spent. I will soon find out how much I spent, as I do have the records, but I’m going to play a game and make a guess now.

I guess that I spent around £40 on food this week.

I guess that I spent around £40 on non food things this week.

Let’s see how far off the mark I am.


Batteries, Rice x 4, Prunes, Toilet Cleanser £4.63

Soup x 2, Bread Rolls, Eggs, Mincemeat, Food colouring x 2, Treacle £8.85

Milk, Self Raising Flour, Carrots £2.16

Sweetcorn, Demerara Sugar, Paprika, Soft Brown Sugar, Spaghetti £5.10

Laundry Cleanser £2.99

Scampi £1

Rice Krispies, Orange Juice £3.69

Sandwich tins x 2, Bramble Jelly, Baking Tray £2.25 (Used a £5 off Voucher)

Teabags, Milk, Bread £4.24

Naan Bread £0.49

Milk, Orange Juice, 2 x Men’s Shower Gel, 3 x Hand Wash, Frozen Broccoli, Quorn Pieces, Apples, Baking Potatoes, Sponges, 2 x Cheese Rolls £10.35

TOTAL = £45.75

So in this category I have spent more then I thought I had. So that’s one I’ve got wrong.

Let’s see the disposable income now.



Weighing myself £0.70 (my scales are broken and I am trying to keep track of my weight, it is so far not going well)

Coat Hangers £2.99

4 items of clothing £2

TOTAL = £5.69


Coach to Birmingham to see Queen in December £40.20 (ok, so my guess is completely f***** now)


Present for friend £2

2 x Cards £1.18

TOTAL = £3.18


Envelope £0.75

Posting Present to Friend £3.40

TOTAL = £4.15


Plant tray £1.74


Re-soling shoes £14.95

Fixing 2 items of clothing £8

TOTAL = £22.95



So I was out on my guess about the food spends by about 14%, and I was out on my guess of my disposable income spending by a huge near 95%.

Let’s is, oh, how do I say it? TERRIBLE.

Given that I now only have about £4.65 in my wallet, and about £9 something in my savings, and still no job, I may have to look at selling some more stuff.

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