Financial Review of Week 47

Hi everybody!

Well, I hate to be all ‘spoiler alert’ but on account of being very poor and on Saturday borrowing £750 from The Boy in order to pay my bills, I did not spend any money on myself this week, all purchases were food only.

So this will be a shorter post then usual.

Saturday marked the beginning of a new food budget month because Saturday would have been the day if I was still working at my old job. We ended up going £24.47 over last month’s budget. Let’s hope we do better this month.

One thing I can say is we bought a lot of milk this week. And milk prices have gone up! (Somehow I doubt the increase in price is going to the farmers) Also I have switched my allegiance from the ‘Every little helps’ supermarket to the ”little’ on price’ supermarket as I just can’t pay their prices anymore.

There have been some great posts on WordPress about the UK Budget announcement this week, so I will leave you to search them out rather than say anything myself.


Cheese, Celery, Gem Lettuce, Bread, Raisins, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumber £6.01

Frozen Onion and Frozen Peppers £2.58

Ciabatta Rolls £1

Milk and Cookies £2.30

Milk and Chocolate £2.10

Washing Tablets, Coconut Milk, Prawn Crackers, Anchovies x 2, Carrot Soup x 2, Eggs, Rice x 4, Icing Sugar, Naan Bread, Apples £12.58

Soup x 2, Crystallised Ginger, Mixing Bowl, Poppadoms £4.27

Salt and Gravy £2

Cobra Beers, Parsnip x 2, Onion Bharji’s £7.50


This is really reduced from what a typical new food month weekend’s shopping would normally be so I am pleased.


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