November 2017 Expenses Breakdown

Hi Everyone,

A new month has begun, that means I get to look over how I spent my money the previous month.

Let’s have a look.


SOCIAL = £97.15

This seems like a lot, but most of it was the coach tickets to Birmingham.


Not as bad as some months, but still money spent on unessential things.

GIFT = £27.65

Most of this was my Mother in Law’s birthday present, then a few cards for cousin’s who have recently had babies, and a few treats for my parents when I stayed with them.


Leftover Christmas stamps that I will now use for personal use, posting a present to my sister and posting off my driving license.

HEALTH = £0.30

The 30p was the fee to use the toilet at Victoria Coach Station in London.

HOMEWARE = £1.74

A plant tray for our slowly dying plant.


Re-heeled a pair of shoes and fixed the stitching on two items of clothing.

TOTAL SPENDS = £188.88

Could be worse, but is still nearly £200 when I didn’t have any money.





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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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