All Rational Spending Thoughts Have Left The Building

Hi all.

I made it to this week with my head in check and without being drawn into the mass consumerism of Christmas. I was well within budget for this year and feeling that everything was ready.

I used wrapping paper I bought at 75% off in January, I posted my cards second class to save money, I used amazon vouchers through my side hustles to save money on my present shopping.

I even obtained a new (to me) Christmas jumper this year through a swishing party.

I was all set.

Then suddenly…

I started to panic about my wardrobe.

I am spending Christmas with the boy and his family this year. They are not fussy, nor do they dress up to the nines, but I began to panic that my clothes wouldn’t be good enough, or smart enough, or nice enough.

I know there is a tradition in some families (not my own) that you get new pyjama’s on Christmas eve so that you look nice in the photo’s on Christmas day, and this is the first year in my 28 years that suddenly I felt I had to do the same.

I currently sleep in a Southern Comfort Sweater I got for free when the company did a promotion in the city centre a couple of weeks ago, a pair of pale blue polar bear fleecy trousers I got on sale in March 2016, and a pair of fox slipper socks.

Comfy and warm am I. Stylish I am not.

So, it was with serious restraint that I have not bought new pyjama’s (I have been in 4 shops looking at them though).

But I have bought a new dress. I used a £10 gift card I earned through my side hustle’s so it only cost £7.99.

But then I had to get tights too. £6.

And I don’t want to be all ‘SPOILER ALERT’ for the next weekly financial review, but on Monday I spent £38.40 on 2 sports bra’s as I am going to get back into running and my current sports bra’s are beyond rubbish. The odd price is because I used a 20% coupon, so to be fair I have so far saved nearly £20.

AND, whilst we are being honest, I found a cheap, safe and legal way for me to watch my Football team Bristol City play Manchester United today in the Caraboa cup today, which is that I bought a 24 hour Sky Sports pass. £6.99.

So not huge spends, but I still haven’t started working yet, and I don’t know when I will. I have been subsidised by some early Christmas cheque’s from my parents (the benefit of having divorced parents is you get 2 cheque’s).

I am a little bit sad I got swept up in the idea that you must have a new EVERYTHING for Christmas, but if I am honest I am also a little happy I have a nice new dress and pair of tights. My legs are looking pretty good at the moment now that I have been doing 150 minute cycles on the exercise bike, it will be nice to show them off.

I promise I will try and be sensible from now on.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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