Losing Weight The Frugal Way Week 2

So it has been another week of trying to stick to 1550 calories and going to the gym.

I know a truly frugal way to lose weight would involve no gym membership, no personal trainer, instead it would involve Youtube videos, running on the streets, so let’s just say I am doing it my way.

I have arranged one personal training session a month. I cannot afford more. My gym is a budget no frills gym, it is £19.99 a month. That’s relatively cheap isn’t it? My personal training sessions are £30 for an hour, technically I haven’t had my first session yet, but I have paid for it.

So £49.99 is what I am spending on my losing weight goal each month. But then we will have to include the inevitable replacement or addition of sports equipment, but if last year taught me anything it was that I know how to grab a bargain.

I currently have £20 in Marks and Spencers vouchers through one of my many market research side hustles. And I do lust after the active wear in their stores. So I should be able to cope with any essential purchases that need to be made in the future.

Anyway, on to the stats.

I am still a bit too shy and reluctant to state what my starting weight and measurements were. This is not so much embarrassment on my behalf, but more if there is someone reading this who is in a similar boat, but may weigh more, then I don’t want to potentially have made them feel bad.

What I will say is I started at 12.75 pounds and a certain amount of stone. Last week I had lost 4.5 pounds and was 8.25 pounds and a certain amount of stone.

This week I had lost another 4.125 pounds (my scales do 8th’s of pound measurements so you may find some funny numbers on here).

What I am concerned about is I have a tendency to be really gung ho and dedicated to a new fitness and health regime, but then life gets in the way and I lose the time or energy to look after myself, and then I put the weight back on.

Which is why I have decided this will be a weekly update, to keep me accountable.

The first week of my new calorie plan meant I was hungry a lot, even after eating. This is because I am used to eating big portions, and I also have a fear of hunger. I am trying to train myself to get used to the sensation of being hungry and to know that I am not going to starve and I am fortunate to have the money to buy food easily and readily, and that I will be fine.

I will be honest, I say it is a calorie plan, rather then a diet. As TV chef Tom Kerridge says in his TV series ‘How to Lose Weight Well’ ‘The first three letters of diet are die’. Maybe this isn’t the best way to live but I have had previous success losing weight using the app MyFitnessPal just based on the premise that if I consume less calories then I need then I will lose weight. So whilst I am only doing one cheat meal a week, I am fitting in what I want to eat as long as my calorie allowance allow it.

I am following the basic premise of slimming world, but without wasting my money on it. By which I mean that I have one official weigh in each week (Saturday) which is the day I take my weight measurements from, and I have enlisted The Boy to make me certificates when I reach milestones.

For anyone who has done Slimming World, you will know that you get certificates when you reach things like ‘Half Stone Award’ etc, so now that I have lost nearly 9 pounds then The Boy made me this to put on the fridge.

I have also decided that when I lose my first stone I will get my hair cut, whether I can afford it or not (I can’t). This is because through being frugal, doing a no spend year, being in debt and having limited funds it has now been over two years since I had my haircut and whilst I have been saying it’s because I am growing my hair, I guess its fair to say that about 30% of the length is split ends (yuk).

So there you have it, week 2 has been a success, I am not anticipating another 4 lbs+ weight loss next week, but I will try my best.

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  1. Well done on the weight loss. What a lovely idea to make (or for your boyfriend to make) a weight loss certificate. Don’t feel guilty about the gym and PT money – it won’t be for ever and you are investing in yourself.


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