Hello all.

I am off work ill (again) which has finally made me realise I need to stop being so proud about not having had to see the Doctor since August 2017 and instead will have to go.

I realise my anxiety in the past has made me a bit of a hypochondriac and I didn’t want to waste any of the NHS’s money with my silly problems but the now persistent since the start of the year nausea, stomach cramps and retching have got to go.

And, no, I am not pregnant.

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself and anxious about letting my employer down which is counter productive to helping a painful stomach so I am trying to relax, but typically I am feeling the need to be some sort of productive, so let’s catch up on here.


I did a lot of little shops this week, and most of them were in Sainsbury’s, a store I typically don’t go into as the prices make me angry, but I had received lots of ‘Triple Nectar Point’ vouchers and I am trying to build up enough points in case Sainsbury’s do their Spring Double Up Deal (they cancelled it last year, but in the Autumn when they did it I scored these bargains).

Coleslaw, Cheesecake and Beetroot Shot £2.79

Baking Potatoes x 2 £0.63

Ketchup and Cucumber £2.30

Milk, Couscous, Beetroot Shot, Baguettes £4.19

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pizza’s x 2, Gin and Tonic Cans x 4, Milk, Honey x 3, Tortilla Wraps, Sweet Potatoes, Pasta, Baking Potatoes, Frozen Berries, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Carrots, Parsnips, Bread, Rolls x 2, Eggs £25.23

The-Biggest-Box-Of-Rice-Krispies-In-The-World (1.1KG!!!) £2.68


(The Rice Krispies I bought because the 1.1KG box was cheaper than the 510g Box).

(I am now a bit addicted to Beetroot Shots).

(The honey was on special offer, that’s why I bought 3 of them).



Magazine and Newspaper £7.89

Race for Life 10k entry £14.99


Bag for life, Costa Coffee, Chocolate Bars x 3, Cheese Sandwich £4.70

Donation £2 

(Both the above were to a Homeless Man).


2 x Drinks £6

Veggie Burger, Chips and Tea £8.05


Return Bus Ticket £3



Not the most expensive week I have had, but I am on a much lower income so I need to be careful.

Officially I am not on a No Spend Year anymore, so I can buy things like Magazines now, but I still feel guilty, even though I love them (It was Women’s Health Magazine, surely that’s better than buying … OK or Heat or something, right?).



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