Financial and Personal Review of January 2018

Hi Everyone!!!!

So it is now mid-February, so I think I can safely say I survived January, let’s look at how well I survived January, financially and personally.

Long time readers of my blog will know I do financial reviews of my spending and accounts each month, but I have decided I will reflect on how I have developed on a personal level, or something like that.


WORK EXPENSES (Milk, Coffee, Things for my Desk) = £7.08

HOBBIES – BOOKS = £13.98

TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) = £26.70

CLOTHING = £51.13

SOCIAL = £44.35

HOMEWARE = £17.51

GIFTS = £8.18


TOTAL SPENDS = £173.43

Not bad, I think it is clear I need about £200 as a disposable income each month, just to cover all my expenses.


I also like to look at my money in versus my money out each month.

Let’s have a gander.


Christmas Present Money £120

Wages £144

Loan £750

TOTAL = £1014


Bills £674.15

Expenses post Dec payday £55.55

Expenses Pre Jan payday £147.13

TOTAL = £876.83

MONEY IN – MONEY OUT = £137.17

So I was in profit in January, of sorts. I did have to borrow money off The Boy, so I was not really in profit, but at least I didn’t spend more then I had.


In January I posted 2 Recipe posts.

I had 13 No Spend Days.

I (think I) read 2 books. I know I read 1, which was Dave Ramsey’s ‘Total Money Makeover’ , I sense that I read another one but I can’t remember what it was. Either way I need to read more.

I went to the gym 8 times and had one personal training session.

I believe I had 4 days of illness, boooooo!

I ‘wombled’ £197.76

I lost 8.625 pounds.

A good start to the year, but I want to do better.




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