Losing Weight the Frugal Way Part 6

In the last week I have officially lost 1/8th of a pound.


It may have had something to do with the Indian Takeaway The Boy and I had last night. And the 1.5 cookies I had.

So I could read it as I have lost more, but a night of excess undid the work.

The thing is, I have been very good, my running training has picked up to the next stage, I attended my first exercise class in about 4 years (this is a big deal for me as I am afraid of exercising around other people in a group setting due to my fears of being laughed at) and for the most part I have been following my calorie goal.

Was the takeaway worth it?


Especially because I tried a different main dish to my usual, which made me feel like it was all worth it.

I know myself. I know being good is not something I can achieve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I need ‘treat’s’, I definitely do not need them every day, no one needs them every day, but I need them every once in a while.

The old Flo, the old stupid Flo, who wasted all her time and money at things like Slimming World would have been devastated if I had had a bad week with them, and would have fallen into a vat of self despair and probably binge eating.

Now I just think, well, I’ll push myself a little harder at the gym this week and be a bit stricter with my calories. I mean, a bad week was going to happen at some point by the law of averages, just because I had a bad week it doesn’t mean the weight is now stuck to me and can never be removed no matter how hard I try. That’s silly.

I am feeling so good about my body right now. It may have only been a stone (I have about another 4 to go before I reach what is considered a healthy weight range for my height of 5 ft 7 inches) but I look noticeably slimmer, I look better, especially with my new hair (see how swishy it is! This haircut earned me a wolf whistle from 2 young scamps on my walk home from the hair dressers).

flo pic 2018

So this week hasn’t been particularly frugal, nor has it involved much weight loss, so erm, sorry about that.

On the plus side I did a 4 mile jog/walk thing this week. It took me 60 minutes but it was the most powerful I had ever felt on a ‘run’. I felt invincible. I think I really experienced the runner’s high then.

I feel in love with my life right now. Yeys!

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