The Boy finally got round to making me a follow up certificate to celebrate my 1 stone weight loss that I had achieved by the 17th of February.

I had a sneaky suspicion getting the certificate might be a curse, and not that I believe in any of that mystic stuff but it may have been.

In the last week I wasn’t able to exercise as much. Monday I had to pick up a parcel after work, Tuesday was busy as I had an interview for a weekend position, Wednesday I was ill, Thursday it snowed but I went to the gym and had an epic work out (but then had a takeaway for tea).

On Friday I felt that despite the red level weather warnings that had been announced across the UK due to the snow, it would have simply been lazy of me to not go to the gym again.

I live a 30 minute walk from the gym, the snow was very deep, at one point I slipped and hurt my wrist and knee and considered turning back.

I ploughed on (get it!? Ha ha ha) and arrived at the gym only to realise I felt ‘wrong’. I was in a weird head space and I wasn’t sure why. I was ok on the weights machines but the cardio machines felt beyond me.

There is a difference between me being reluctant to exercise, or being just tired, compared to what I felt yesterday. I assessed that I wasn’t up for exercising because walking in the deep snow is really hard! At least it is hard to me as we get snow once every 3 years in the parts of the UK I have lived in so I am not used to it.

Let me finally get to my point.

I had a gain this week, and not really that insignificant a gain either. 3 pounds. My weight this morning was 15 Stone and 0.125 pounds.

Boy, and I was complaining about my 0.125 lb loss last week, I would have loved that this week.

I also, confession time here, went to Pizza Express last night with The Boy and some friends. I did (briefly) consider getting the under 500 calorie salad, but instead had a broad bean pasta dish…and cheesy garlic bread…and a beer…and cake…with ice cream.

One thing I have read time and time again when it comes to exercise and weight loss (and in particular weight loss and running) is:


The principle being no matter how much you exercise, if all you eat is crap and too much of that crap, then you will put on weight.

So although I burned an estimated 700 calories at the gym on Thursday, I probably consumed that in about half of one of the two blow out meals I had over the last two days.

BUT it is not all bad news, as I have lost a half inch from my thighs in the last 3 weeks, and I still have my (fl)abs. And I keep accidentally brushing my leg and realising it is nice and toned.

There is a popular ‘don’t do this, you idiot’ bit of advice bandied around weight loss group and articles. It is that if you eat a big blow out meal, most people get into the ‘I’ve f***** it now’ frame of mind and carry on scoffing.

Which I think we can all agree is stupid. But I have been like that with food, and I was certainly like that with money, because when I was poor and using credit cards to pay for everything, because I couldn’t afford anything it was meaningless to me whether what I couldn’t afford was £5 or £50 (or £500).

I have been there and done that with Slimming World and I think I went 4 times in total across 3 different groups and each time it would be the same.

WEEK 1-3 Motivated to lose weight, and so I do.

WEEK 3-5 Work really hard but stay the same, get disheartened.

WEEK 5-15 Try to be good, fail, usually put on a pound or so, maybe lose it the next week, then put it back on, or stay the same and round and round until I give up on it all.

Now, I know I said this last week, but it is clear my diet has been to blame.

Addressing what went wrong and taking responsibility for it will mean it won’t happen again.

The last two weeks have been us coming to the end of the food budget month, which I had extended to take into account my new pay day dates. This meant we were going for longer with diminishing funds, and I couldn’t buy everything I wanted. I also got busy and couldn’t batch cook something healthy for Breakfast or Lunch. I’ve been ill, it’s snowed, I’ve been cold and want to snuggle down. I have also let The Boy dictate the Dinner Meal Plan which has resulted in higher calorie food then I would have chosen.

So, going forward, I need to find the time to prep food. I need to tell The Boy that we need healthier dinners, I need to find ways to exercise. I have an exercise bike, I can exercise in the house should I need to.

I hope to see you all again next week with better weight loss news.

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