Hi everyone.

Now that I am working TWO JOBS I have been a bit busy and as a result have neglected to do financial reviews.

Let’s get to it.



3 x Beetroot Shots and Greek Yoghurt £4

Crisps x 2, Milk, Bread £4.14

Milk x 2, Scampi, Wedges, Yorkshire Puddings, Quorn Mince, Pizza, Coffee, Cucumber £10.28

Orange Juice, Potatoes, Cheese, Flora, Poppadoms, Apples, Steak Slice £9.43

Bubble Bath x 3, Chilli Spices, Face Masks x 3, £5.49

Magnesium x 2, Peanut Butter, Wild Rice £23.96

Parsnips and Carrots £0.96

Big Morrisons Food Shop £88.12

Milk, Onions, Spaghetti Spices £4.15

Bread, Choco Liebniz £1.95

Birthday Candles, Birthday Cake £7.2

Mens Body Spray, Mens Deodorant, Pizza x 2, Cucumber, Raspberries £7.35

Milk £1.09

Listerine, Dental Floss, Dental Sticks, Toothbrushes £8.96

Milk, Bread, Chicken, Rolls, Carrots £4.66

TOTAL = £181.74



Tea and soup £5.95

Gum £1.79

Gum £1.20

Sandwich £2.10

Sandwich £2

Coffee £2.30

(TOTAL = £15.34)


Treats for Work Colleague’s £1.60

Big Issue £5

Buying the shopping of the person in front of me* £5

Various donations over the week £5.10

Donation £0.70

TOTAL = £17.40


Posting Little Brother’s Birthday Present £3.40

Parcel envelopes £4.39

Posting Mum and Step Mum’s Mother Day’s Presents £6.80

TOTAL = £14.59


Burger Takeaway £8.70

Pizza Express Meal £30

Curry Night £8.64

Taxi £3.50

TOTAL = £50.84


Soup Mug x 2 £1.58


Tissues for work £0.39

Milk £0.55

TOTAL = £0.94


Runners World 3 issue subscription £3

Women’s Health 3 issued subscription £3

TOTAL = £6


Black and White striped dress £12


2 x 3 issue Money Magazines Subscriptions £2

In short I have spent a lot of money recently.

OK, so I have bought a lot of magazine subscriptions. They were my reward for getting the second job. I love magazines but rarely buy them as they are really a waste of money. I looked around for cheap deals and for the price of 2 impulse purchase magazines I have got 12.

*OK, so long story here. There was a women in front of me in a store buying a few things. It came to about £5. She tried to pay by card, her card was declined, she tried to pay by cash and it turned out one of the coins she thought was a pound coin was actually a Euro. She didn’t have any other means of buying her shopping.

I don’t know the circumstances for why she couldn’t afford to buy her shopping, all I know is once I couldn’t buy a cup of tea for similar reasons when I was in an Arts Centre in my town (one I later worked in) and the person in the queue behind me paid for it. I always vowed to return the favour ‘to the universe’ one day.

Also I have been giving away a lot of money recently as call me a superstitious idiot but when I went to my interview for the second job, I passed a homeless person and I gave them money as I got it into my head if I did something good then the Universe would treat me fairly. I have also read many theories that the richest people in the world have attracted their wealth by giving a lot of it away, plus in general I live my life by the idea that I would be ashamed of myself if I had something/wealth and I didn’t do something to help those without.

I have finally realised at long last that people create their own luck, but sending a few good ‘vibes’ out into the world won’t do any harm.





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