I am not going to post a recipe just yet for this as I am still perfecting it. I have not had much success with making gnocchi generally. This was easily my best effort but I still feel it needs a little work.

Essentially it was about 300g of parsnips and 450g of potato which was roasted with one whole onion and garlic for about 40 minutes, then processed in my food processor (I really need a bigger one).

I originally planned to only use about 100g of plain flour, but in the end I used over 200g to get it ‘right’ (which is what I mean about needing to perfect the recipe).

Still, I ended up with 3 portions of a hearty carb-tastic lunch.

This came about as a result of one of those ‘when life hands you lemons…’ situations. You may have noticed that in my financial review of week 11 I bought parsnips twice.

This because the first batch I bought came prepackaged and when I got them home and unleashed them from their plastic bag I found them were all going rank. I knew The Boy would turn his nose up at them and throw them out, so I decided to utilise them and thus prevent waste.

All in all it was not bad.

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