Hi Everybody,

One thing I had commonly read in all my ‘what to do when you have messed up your life financially’ books is that it is common for people generally to match their expenditure to their income.

Which is why a lot of these famous financial adviser’s say more money is not always the answer. Or why getting a pay rise will often lead you back to square one.

I am very conscious of the fact I may be doing this myself.

With Job 1 I am paid weekly. With Job 2 I will be paid every 4 weeks. This excites me as although it will still equal the same money that will mean there are 13 payments in the next year, which means one month I will have 2 payments, which will feel like a bonus.

I hate being paid weekly, I would much rather be paid once a month, because I have let my standards slip. Being paid weekly means there is a constant flow of money in my account, whereas when I was being paid monthly I would always (deliberately) run my account down to zero, but I knew exactly how much money I had to ‘play with’.

I also get paid according to the hours I work, so if I am sick, I don’t get paid. Which is making it hard to accurately assess how much I will earn in a month.

Anyway, I am spending more then I normally would. And whilst none of it is debt, I must be careful as I am not going to sacrifice a year of weekends to pay off my debts, only to find I have spent it all on myself.


Gum and Flatbread Sandwich £2.09

Gun, Tortilla Chips, Rolls, Spaghetti £3.77

Fries £0.89

Milk, Orange Juice, Washing Up Liquid, Hand Wash, Greek Yogurt, Soup x 2, Prawn Crackers, Chilli Con Carne Spices x 4, Spag Bol Spices x 2, Long Grain Rice x 2, Cucumber, Baking Potatoes £11.67

Coconut Water x 4, Toothbrush £2.25

Toothbrush Holder, Toothpaste, Clearisel Pads, Clearisel Scrub £9.26

Baguettes, Onion Bharjis, Coconut Milk £5


Not Bad, but we are beginning to run low on things so I will have to do a big food shop soon. Next month, obviously.



Jacket Potato and Tea £6.70

Gum £1.80


Milk for work £0.80


A whole load of books £11

Buying a friend’s Kindle book £0.99


Friend’s birthday present £6.20

Big Issue £3.30

Various donations to the homeless £7.50

Easter gifts for the ‘nie-phews’ (my term for my nieces and nephews) £7.96

Easter cards £1


Sushi dinner £20


Jump suit and socks £29.20 (The jump suit is my new favourite thing I have ever owned)



See what I mean? That’s a lot of wonga.




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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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