Flo’s Spending Diary April 2020 (so far)

Hi everybody!

I’m relaunching the spending diaries I used to do on my blog, back when I wrote on it regularly. I will catch up on the whole of April so far even though it is longer than a week, and then next Sunday I will just do a review of the week gone.

Here goes!


I was due to start my period soon and was running low on supplies, but didn’t want to go to the shops more than necessary. I remembered seeing a company advertised on Instagram a while ago called TOTM (Time of the Month) who deliver nice organic supplies to you in the post. I bought 2 lots of pads. £6.80


Even though I’m working from home as is the whole of my team, it is still people’s birthdays and they must have presents. The latest birthday is my line manager’s on the 7th. One of the team organised it and I transferred her my share via Monzo. £3

I also bought four books on Kindle. Two were by Gretchen Rubin who I love, another was the very first book by ‘Mrs Moneypenny’ who is a financial journalist and also a presenter of a show I used to love called Superscrimpers that sadly doesn’t run anymore. I’ve read her other two books and love them. Finally I bought a book that had been in my Amazon basket for about 4 years and was making me feel guilty called ‘Behavioural Economics Saved my Dog’ by Dan Ariely, which is a collection of his work. This is the only one I’ve read so far of the four and it was good! £12.96


My friend Christina Thatcher who I met through a writing group she runs that I used to go to is launching her 2nd poetry collection ‘How to Carry Fire’ and she’s had to change the launch due to Covid-19. I had some spare money from my birthday so I finally bought both her poetry collections through her publisher. I’ve read the first ‘More Than You Were’ and it is simply stunning. Sparse, but stunning. £17.99


The flat mate and I braved going to the shops. Although we live together and don’t have to social distance we decided the best use of our time would be to split up and do half the shopping each. We had to go to 3 shops, doing a bigger shop in one of them, so we did split it fairly and this meant we could limit our time outside. I had to buy face cream for myself £10.58

I picked up cleaning supplies and some of the food shopping and the flat mate bought frozen food in Iceland and the rest of the fresh food shopping. Together we spent £64.07, so my half was about £32.03.


I’m not really running during lockdown. In fact I have only done one run and that was on Good Friday, but I have been missing running and wanted to keep in touch with the world of it in case things improve and my marathon does still go ahead later this year, so I bought one of those cheap 6 month magazine subscriptions for Runner’s World magazine. Like I said in my last post, I’m addicted to magazines! £6


I’ve subscribed to a company that does environmentally friendly laundry and dishwasher tablets and I was charged for my next order today. £8.05/£4.02


Today I posted a card each to my 4 nieces and nephews, and also my sister. It is my sister’s birthday soon and I like to send money to each kid at Easter so each card contained a tenner. £50

I did another big shop at Tesco that should keep me out of there until the week after. This shop may have contained a bottle of pink gin. £48.35/£21.18


I recently treated myself to a craft beer order on offer. I liked the company and the beers, so I upgraded the subscription and ordered a box of 20 beers for the flat mate and me. I managed to save £13.95 on the order through a series of deals so it cost us £21.90, or £10.95 between us.


This blog that you’re reading used to have a different domain name and I have since changed it through WordPress, new start new me! £11

TOTAL SPENDS = £186.51

This seems a little high, but the food shopping comes from another budget, so my personal spends were around £118 and £53 of that was gifts which don’t happen that frequently, so I feel ok about this. It was recently my birthday so I do have some spare cash at the moment which meant I could treat myself to a few books.

Hope you are all doing well. Stay Strong. Stay Safe.

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