My Prep for the Week Ahead

Hi everyone,

It’s the end of the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK. I’ve had a nice weekend watching some films and TV shows.

I’ll level with you. It is a really strange time around the world for everyone at the moment. The world I started this blog in no longer exists, and I’m trying to keep up the spirit of being frugal, money conscious and looking to get debt free, but really those things don’t seem like that big of a deal when there is a killer virus travelling round the world.

So, I’m using this blog as an escape. That’s why I’ve gone back to it. It seems really crass to talk about a spending diary when people are losing their businesses, their jobs, their livelihoods, but it’s all I know to do to keep my mind off the pandemic.

So I’ll be clear, you’ve seen me through all sorts of struggles. High debt, insecure employment, being kicked out by my landlord and the lot, and now I’m in a really good position. And I do not take for granted even for a second that I am so lucky to have what I have.

Even though I’m in a really fortunate position, I’m still struggling with this pandemic. So this blog is my safe space. On here my concerns are saving money, being frugal, and maybe baking a cake or two.

Off here I’m panicked about Covid-19, about what’s going to happen next, and will my loved ones be ok.

I hope we’ve cleared that up.


I’m trying to go to the shops as little as possible. So I’ve done an inventory of all the cupboards in the kitchen and the fridge and freezer to see what I have to live on until Thursday when I would next like to go to the shops.

I am getting a delivery of long life oat milk on Wednesday, but I actually had a go at making my own oat milk today to tide me over. It wasn’t too bad, a bit watery, but much better than I thought it would be.

A rough inventory

Flours – self raising, plain, bread, cornflour

Pasta – spaghetti, lasagna sheets, penne





Sugars – honey, caster, golden syrup, maple syrup, treacle

Baking ingredients – raising agents, cocoa powder, vanilla paste

Yeast – dried, and a sourdough starter I’m working on

Tins – mackerel, sardines, pilchards, tuna

Tins – baked beans, black beans, chopped tomatoes, coconut milk

Nuts – peanut butter, cashew butter, pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds, coconut flakes

Spreads – jams, marmite

Oils – rapeseed, olive, extra virgin olive, sesame, coconut

Cereals – oats, bran flakes

Teas – just about everything imaginable

Spices – just about everything imaginable

Vinegars – balsamic, malt

Condiments – ketchup, vegan mayo, hot sauce

Fresh – onions, apples

Fridge – milks, cheese, eggs

Fridge – orange juice, beetroot juice

Fridge – cucumber, sauerkraut, olives, leftover hummus and falafel

Freezer – various vegetarian proteins

Freezer – sweetcorn, broccoli, spinach, peppers, peas, sprouts, onion rings, vegetable stock

Freezer – berries

From this I’ve devised this menu for the week


Lunch – beans on toast

Dinner – falafel, hummus, salad

Snacks – apple, beetroot juice, cake


Breakfast – overnight oats

Lunch – beans on toast

Dinner – pilchard puttanesca pasta

Snacks – apple, beetroot juice, cake


Breakfast – overnight oats

Lunch – beans on toast

Dinner – veggie chilli and quinoa (batch cooked)

Snacks – beetroot juice, apple, cake


Breakfast – overnight oats

Lunch – beans on toast

Dinner – veggie chilli and quinoa

Snacks – beetroot juice, apple, cake


Breakfast – overnight oats

Lunch – beans on toast

Dinner – veggie chilli and quinoa

Snacks – beetroot juice, apple, cake

You keep seeing a cake being mentioned. Pictured below is the cake I made out of the leftover oat milk pulp from this morning. Nothing can be wasted.


This menu for the week should give me 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day which I’m always eager to get and should use up the things that are going to go off soon like the hummus, cucumber and falafels.

Have a look through your cupboards and see what you can make with what you’ve got. I was reading ‘Better than Before’ by Gretchen Rubin and she talks about how people are either ‘finishers’ (those who love finishing up packets) or ‘openers’ (those who love opening new packets) and I’m definitely the former so I do like to run my stocks down from time to time, and I guess now is the time to do it.






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