Hi everybody,

I’ve recently joined a bunch of Facebook groups such as ‘Feed yourself for £1 a day’ and ‘Scrimping on a budget’ and I had heard about a great 2 ingredient pizza dough that was just flour and yogurt and I thought to myself that that was something I would really like to try. I’m really trying to get more into cooking during lock down, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.

Here we go

Serves 1 greedy person (me!) or 2 smaller stomachs


2 ‘parts’ Self Raising Flour

1 ‘part’ Yogurt

So, I used cups to do the measurements and sometimes cups are really useful as measurements, but the trouble is they translate differently between wet and dry ingredients, so if you don’t have cups I would suggest trying about 120g self-raising flour and 60ml yogurt. I used soya yogurt for this recipe so don’t worry if you’re vegan and are worried it might not work because it does.


Roll it out to desired shape. It’s a bit crumbly so I would suggest doing this on a piece of baking paper and that way you can just lift it on the baking tray.

Add your desired toppings. I had cheese, olives, anchovies, onion. Turns out I didn’t have any tomato puree so I just used a mix of ketchup and sriracha sauce. Wasn’t bad.



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