89 Days

I felt about using this post to complain about the complete lack of awareness I saw on multiple occasions today in regards to social distancing and keeping the rate of infection down.

But, ultimately, I try to keep this blog clear from thoughts on the pandemic. And really, I think a lot of people are trying their best. I think this pandemic has the tendency to make the good people better and the bad people worse, but ultimately we’re all trying. We’re all scared. We’re all suffering on some scale.

I want to promote positivity.

I am trying my best. With getting to where I want to be, whether it is in terms of finances, or education, or weight, or running distance, or countries visited, or books read, foods tasted, music listened to, films watched. I try every day to be a good person. You are unlikely to find anyone on the planet who has a worse opinion of myself than I do. My utter dissatisfaction in myself is what keeps me going in regards to trying to be a little bit better than before.

In 89 days I will be debt free. That is not the end of my financial journey, it is merely a pause in the road, a time for celebration. Remaining debt free for the rest of my life, remaining conscious of my money for the rest of my life, those are the goals.

I hope tomorrow I am a little better than I was today.

I will at least be a little closer to being debt free.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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