88 Days

I am feeling a bit hot and queasy. I think it’s just tiredness. I wake up bright and alert at 5am thinking all will be fine, and then I later crash as the day goes on.

It could be the heat, it is very warm today.

I have become a bit more mature with money. The lock down has made me consider really using up what I already have in stock first before replacing it. I keep extending the time between when I first think I need to buy something and when I actually do. I like this.

There isn’t really anything to spend my money on, which isn’t to say I have lots of money. I don’t. But it is easier to meet my needs now then it was before when everything was making demands on my time and money.

88 days. Palindrome days.

I have had my delivery of notebooks and a French/English dictionary. I look forward to trying them all out in good time. I may be having one of my beer cases deliveries coming today as well. Joy of joys. Though today is a drink free day. And I take that seriously.

I am going to set my phone and laptop aside soon, and just read. Read with a drink feeling the sunshine through the window. It will be beautiful.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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