Spending Diary 25th to 31st May 2020

Hi everybody,

Let’s hope there are no surprise near £500 writing courses this week!


Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. I spent it at home cooking, writing, blogging, watching Netflix, running, reading and having a go on Duolingo. What a lovely day it was. And best of all I didn’t spend any money!


I thought my pay slip would be released today, but I’m guessing the bank holiday affected it as it wasn’t released on my HR portal at work. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. I will get the information tomorrow. I just like having all my financial information to hand as early as I can. I’m sad like that.

I was fast running out of time to get everything done. Just because I’m in lockdown doesn’t mean time is endless and infinite, there are still problems with getting everything done all in one day and I hope people aren’t getting caught up in the idea of toxic productivity, as that’s not good for anyone’s mental health.

So I needed to think strategically to make sure I fitted in my daily run. So I decided to do my errands whilst running. I ran to the post office to post some cards to my relatives in Ireland, then I ran to the pharmacy to pick up my repeat prescription. Posting the cards cost £2.44, I’m really excited about posting the cards. I’ve become quite addicted to posting letters during lockdown, luckily there are a lot of post boxes near me so I can easily social distance whilst posting letters.


On the blog post for today (92 Days) I think I said I hadn’t spent any money. What I did very soon after that blog post was buy two notebooks and a French/English dictionary on Amazon. The order was £33.43, but I had a £10 Amazon voucher to use so it was only £23.43, plus free postage and packaging, does anyone ever actually pay for postage on Amazon? A couple of hours after that purchase I decided to research a book I read about in the Metro newspaper years ago about someone who can speak multiple languages, all self-taught. After a bit of digging I found the book (Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis) and I bought a kindle version of it for £2.99. I tend to do things both impulsively and passionately. Before March 2020 I had little interest in learning French, but wasn’t totally against the idea, and now I am throwing myself deep into it.

My run today involved passing a postbox to deposit two birthday cards and a letter to my Grandpa. I rather shamefully didn’t write to him this much before lockdown so I am trying to make up for things now and I will keep up the letter writing after lockdown too. My Grandpa is the strong silent type. I am also quiet and reserved. Although I do love him, I have not always found it easy to communicate with him because both of our natures are to be in the background observing. He needs an extrovert to bring him out, much like I do. My dear deceased Grandmother was definitely an extrovert.

I find it easiest to express myself through writing. Talking I find a struggle. Writing brings me out of my shell and you can see the true me.


Pay day, yippee! I promptly did some household shopping which consisted of a 12 case of wine for £47.88, a 20 pack of non-alcoholic beers for £36 and I brought my subscription pack of craft beer forward by a couple of days as my beer supplies are depleted, and that was £26.90. The alcohol supplies in total came to £110.78, or £55.39 for my half of them according to the flat mate and my food budget arrangement.

That should take care of my alcohol needs for a good long while yet. I tend to be a boredom drinker and times like these make me drink more, so I am really trying to be careful as I do take being drink aware seriously. I’ve already got a drink free days monitoring app and am aiming for 4 drink free days a week, but I think I will look into another app that monitors the units I drink each week.

I will need to do some food shopping soon but I’m planning on stretching it out till the weekend. I still seem to have enough in the flat and it is good to reduce time outdoors as much as possible.


Last week I decided to try and organise a virtual bake off with my work colleagues with me as the judge, and due to me being the only one to submit an entry I ended up winning according to my rules. I had decided I would donate £5 to the winner’s chosen charity. I was the winner, but I already have 2 direct debits set up to charities I care most about, so I asked my colleague’s for suggestions for other worthy causes and one suggested the RSPCA, so I donated £5 to them.

I was able to keep myself out of the shops today, I had initially been planning on going to the shops today but I thought I would leave it. I drank the last 150ml of Malbec we had in the house with dinner, saving the 200ml or so of pink gin in another bottle for Saturday’s zoom drinks with my friends. I am debating whether to get some more sports bras this month or next month but I’m going to hold on a little while longer until I see what sort of deals I can get on my shopping. The only trouble with a run streak is I have spent nearly the entirety of this month in sports clothes and it would be nice to wear some pretty clothes for once.

I have also really been craving getting a magazine subscription to something like Women’s Health magazine, I have really been desiring to read it during lockdown. I know it’s not essential but it does make me happy and helps with my wellbeing. But I will hold steady for now as it is best not to spend all my pay day money in the first week.


I had a terrible night’s sleep, which is such a shame as Thursday’s sleep was so good and it made me think my sleep was back on track. It was extremely hot and stuffy in my attic room and I couldn’t sleep. As a result I woke up at 12pm which I hate. I hate it when I wake up past 10am, let alone the afternoon. I have to work extra hard to get my day back on track.

I went to the shops. Well, just the one. I had to do a big shop so I would be splitting my shop across two days’ worth of trips. I went to Tesco and bought a lot of stuff, vegetables, fruit, dairy, store cupboard, treats, frozen and fresh, a lot of things. It came to £44.89, so £22.45 for my half. I got really grumpy because I saw numerous counts of people lacking awareness over lockdown restrictions. From the person that came right up next to me and reached over me to grab something (about 2cms distance, not 2 metre’s), to a man who coughed and cleared his throat without covering his mouth near a queue of people (who all gave him a filthy look) to another person spitting on the ground. I find all this behavior unacceptable at the best of times, but especially during a pandemic of a virus caused by human contact. Idiots.

I did my daily run, just one more to do before the weekend/month ends to have completed my running streak for May. I’m planning on doing a 10km tomorrow. I’m going to have to plan a new route I think, I’m not sure I can do two laps of my 5k route, I’ll have to look into it.

I had a nice dinner of a brie and roasted red pepper panini with sweet chilli sauce, then I had my zoom drinks with my friends from work which saw the end of the pink gin. There is now no alcohol in the house, so I guess Sunday is a drink free day by default.

I went to bed fairly easily at about 11pm, hoping for a good night’s sleep.


I woke up naturally around 5:20am, but decided to try and catch a few more sleeps. I woke up again at 5:50am feeling wide awake so I got up and began my day.

I do a weekly pub quiz with my siblings and it’s my turn this week to devise the questions, so I spent my early morning doing that. At around 10am I left the house to do a 10km run, which went very well. I am by no stretch of the definition a fast runner, but I can travel a long distance fairly easily. I came back and had a shower and checked my emails and saw that one of my beer cases is likely to arrive today, as are the notebooks and French dictionary from Amazon. Glad I had my shower quickly.

I was considering going to the shops to pick up cleaning supplies and do the rest of the shopping, but I’ve decided to switch that to Monday instead. I have the day off on Monday, I’ve booked off every Monday in June to have a bit more time to myself. I plan on doing lots of writing and running on those days off.

I was also considering looking into buying some toiletries, but I really do have plenty of them. I could do with some body scrub, and Vaseline and a SPF lip balm, but it seems to place an order for just those things. I can pick them up at some other point.

I did donate £22 to a friend’s fundraiser. She is in serious need of an operation and although we have the brilliant NHS here her only real option at this moment is to have the surgery privately due to the demands on the NHS at the moment.

So with that, I declare the spending for this week is done!


FOOD AND HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING – £77.84 (£155.67 total)


TOTAL SPENDS – £138.70




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