85 Days

I decided not to post yesterday due to it being Blackout Tuesday. It was a small act of respect I could do for the movement.

Today is another small milestone towards my financial journey. I don’t want to hurry down the days. I want to savour each day as it comes. It is important to take in an embrace the days, they don’t come back again.

But in 85 days I will be able to make my final credit card debt payment. I am under no illusion that I will never use a credit card again. I will. For one thing I have a rewards credit card. I am a strategic shopper, I will do what I need to to get the best deal.

But I won’t get into the same levels of unmanageable debt that I once had. I know how to live within my means. Living within my means gives me great comfort, it makes me feel safe, in control. I can handle that.

I want to work on my pension. I have no way of predicting what the future holds, but not having an adequate pension plan in place would terrify me. I will spend some time working on that this month.

Next week marks the 16 week countdown to my first half marathon of the autumn, and my prediction is that next week it will be announced that it will be cancelled for this year. I feel that would be the responsible thing to do. I predict the half marathon that would be the week after that one will also be cancelled. There is still currently enough time for enormous changes to happen so that my marathon can still go ahead, but my prediction is that it won’t. This doesn’t disappoint me as much as it might have done if I had heard the news in January. I know I can run.

It is very hard to feel upset by the sort of things that would have upset me before in this new landscape. They really do seem like first world problems. I just want everyone to be safe. I want as many people to live as long as possible. We must protect people.

I am likely to wake up on the 27th of August still working at home (I will have the day off though) and my previous plans for a massive blow out party won’t be happening, but that is ok. I might make a cake. I had better brush up on my decorating skills as the last time I tried to decorate a cake it looked like a Pinterest fail.

So 85 days to the next stage of my life. Enjoy the journey.


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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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