80 Days

I am a fifth of the way through my final countdown.

20 days have passed since I started posting every day on my blog.

I am slowly building my empire, whatever that means. I am creating a new life for myself slowly and surely.

It is still strange to think that soon my credit card and other consumer debt will all be cleared. As I’ve said before the clearing of my debts is merely the end of stage 1 of my financial journey. I am eager to begin stage 2 which is primarily about saving. Saving up a fully funded emergency fund. Saving for a holiday. Saving for a new laptop. Saving for a bike. Saving for a house. Saving for a future.

If I could stress one thing it is this. Paying off debt is not a straight forward process. Shit can and will happen. I am not sad that my debt free journey will have taken 1727 days, I’d rather it takes a long time than I just never bother. Whilst getting into debt obviously didn’t make me proud of myself, paying the debts off definitely has made me proud of myself.

I have sold most of my possessions. I worked 7 days a week for 13 months. I went to clothes swapping parties. I never bought anything without getting a good deal on it. I have learnt more about money in the last 1667 days than I ever did in the whole of my life beforehand.

I still have 80 days to get through. I will get through them. Like I’ve said, I’m just going to enjoy the journey. It will all be ok.

Published by flodebtfreediary

Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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