78 Days

An interesting couple of days post wise with lots of parcels and deliveries and letters turning up. I get ridiculously excited by post so I hope you are all happy for me.

I have about £109 of the food budget left so will need to plan a course of action for making sure we make it to my next pay day with all my budget intact. I worked it out based on the amount of days left versus how much of the food budget is left and we should be ok. One of my deliveries was a 12 pack of wine and a 12 pack of oat milks, amongst other things like coffee and fizzy drinks, so I am going to be fine. Unless I drink all the wine in one go which will make me very un-fine in many ways.

I am struggling a bit with lockdown, so I am going to introduce a gratitude diary element to these daily blog posts to make me reflect on what I do have, not what I don’t.

My daily gratitude’s. Today I am grateful for:

  1. A fine selection of teas and coffees in my house
  2. New CDs to listen to
  3. New French lessons on Duolingo
  4. Having the luxury of being indoors when it is raining
  5. My ability to run, and my love of it



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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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