Spending Diary 15th – 21st June 2020

Hi everybody,

Where does the time go?

This week started off frugal and then rapidly got a bit more spendy as the days went on. I’ll take you through it.


Another Monday where I had booked the day off work. I have two more Mondays like this in June to look forward to as well.

Sadly this day did not get off to a good start. I had missed a call from my Step Mum and she had left a message asking me to call her back. I had a feeling about what had happened. Sure enough my Step Mum told me that my 19 year old cat Skittles had passed away in the night. I spent most of Monday holding back tears. I loved that cat so much. But she had a good life and couldn’t have asked for more.

Other than my book writing course and a short run I didn’t achieve much of significance today. This is partly because my sleep has gone to hell recently and I am struggling to fall asleep at night, and as a result I wake up late in the morning. I’m really trying to work on it.


The flat mate wanted to do some shopping today, so he went to the shops and bought burger buns, cookies, dessert pots, breakfast biscuits, milk, bread, Pepsi, cucumber and rice. It was £13.93, so £6.96 for my half. The smol laundry tablets subscription came out of my account today as well, so that was £4.50 or £2.25 split between us.

I am still running every day, and learning French on Duolingo every day, but I don’t seem to be getting as much other stuff done as I was at the start of lockdown.


I did a 5.39km run today, my longest run in a while. I managed to get caught in a shower of rain, however I consider myself lucky because it had stopped when I got back to the house but my flat mate who had set out for his run after me ended up in a biblical storm and got absolutely drenched, so I can’t complain.

We’ve been making use of what is in the house food wise, though obviously we did the shopping yesterday. In general we do have a good stock of stuff in the house and can last with minimal supplies, which is good as we only have about £15 of the food shopping budget left now.


I had my most productive week at work this week. I have been really struggling with my mental health and it has greatly affected my productivity. I had a telephone counselling session with the employee assistance programme my employer has, and confided in my line manager, so both of those really helped me. It is always good to be open about things.


I suddenly remember I hadn’t got my Dad a Father’s Day present. I had sent him a card, but had completely forgotten about getting him a gift. I hurriedly bought him a CD off Amazon and sent it to his address. That was £11.38. I think he will really like what I bought him, it’s my favourite album by The Kinks ‘Arthur…’ and I had decided long ago that this would be a good gift for him. So although it was a hurried decision to make the purchase today, I did always have that CD in mind.


My oldest niece is learning Japanese in lockdown, and as I am learning French I really wanted to support her learning, so I had decided to get her a Japanese dictionary. However, to keep things fair between all my nieces and nephews this meant I had to get her brother a book, and I also purchased a game for my other set of nephew and niece. The books were £15.28 and the game was £17.48. I can’t really afford these purchases, but I do want to show them kindness as lockdown isn’t easy for anyone.

We all had a pub quiz on skype with them later, I can’t wait for the deliveries to arrive to them all.


I had to get up early to have a phone call with my personal trainer, I mean, early for me. I’ve been struggling to wake up before 9.30am and the phone call was for 9.30am, so getting up at 8.30am was a struggle. I was still awake at 12.30am. I really must work on my sleep, but I’ve been saying that for weeks.

As a result of getting up early I was able to go to the shops very soon after they opened, posting some letters to my family on the way. I’m really struggling to lose weight in lockdown, but I’ll admit I haven’t been making the same efforts as I have done previously. I bought without really having a plan in place, so I did spend more than I wanted to. I bought oranges, mushrooms, peppers, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, carrots, tomatoes. I also bought anchovies, a large pizza, Greek yogurt, Pepsi, 4 tins of chopped tomatoes, spices, orange juice, coconut milk and eggs. I should have had a plan in place, oh well. The shopping was £28.81 but I used £8 of club card vouchers in Tesco to bring it down to £20.81 (£10.40 once split with my flat mate).

I also am all out of stamps so I bought a 12 pack of 1st class stamps for £9.12. That might last me a little while, though at the rate I write letters it probably won’t.

And with that I’ll bid you goodbye as I don’t plan on spending any more money for the rest of today, I really can’t afford to even if I wanted to.





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