3 Flour Pizza Dough

Hi everybody,

I really fancied a pizza on Tuesday, but didn’t want to go to the shops for just that, so I decided to make a dough myself. It was such a hot day that I didn’t think it would take long to make the dough rise, I was right, it was ready when I came back from my run.

As we all know in the UK flour was highly in demand and I tend to buy it as soon as I see it, so I had some wholemeal flour I had never used before and I thought why not give it a try now Flo?

So I did!


100g plain flour

100g bread flour

100g wholemeal flour

1 tbsp. olive oil

195ml warm, not hot, water

¾ tsp fast action dried yeast

MAKES ONE HUMUNGOUS PIZZA (I don’t believe in portion control) or 2 smaller pizzas


Mix all the flours and yeast together

In a jug mix the water and oil

Add the water/oil mix to the flours/yeast and bring together

Knead on a lightly floured surface for about 5 minutes

Add a tiny amount of olive oil to a mixing bowl, and mix it around the sides

Add the dough to the oil bowl, cover with a tea towel and wait for it to rise in a warm place


After about an hour check to see if the dough has doubled in size, wait until it has

If it has then bring it back to your floured surface, knock back, and then roll into shape

I’ll admit I had what would very accurately be described as a large pizza so you could make a larger amount of small pizzas

Either way shape out and then decorate to your hearts content

Place on a baking tray in the oven and cook until it is how you like it

I tend to put it on about 200 degrees

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