Hi everybody,

This week is special for me because on ‘hump day’ I will only have 50 days left until I am debt free. I started the countdown on my blog from day 100 so I am half way through the countdown, though obviously it’s been a lot longer than that.

But I digress, let’s look at my wallet.


First Monday in 5 weeks that I didn’t have off as annual leave. It felt good to be at work. I had a new range of work to begin this week which I was very excited about. I had a good day at work. I made use of working from home by doing a strength workout in my kitchen at lunchtime. After work I did a 10km run to make up for not doing one on Sunday. The flat mate and I made spaghetti Bolognese from things we had at home so that kept us out of the shops today.


I got paid all my Amazon vouchers from my side hustles today. I had £50 on my account in vouchers. I decided to buy things I needed so I bought the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook 2021 that is released on the 23rd of July, a French grammar book for beginners, a beauty spatula and a lavender pillow spray as I’ve been having trouble sleeping. The order came to £50.01 so after I used all my vouchers it cost me just 1p! I was so happy about this. I was prioritising comfort for my future self by buying things I needed instead of all the CDs I wanted, so I was proud of myself.


To celebrate there only being 50 days until I become debt free I drank rather a lot of wine today. I think a later 0% alcohol beer is bizarrely what pushed me over the edge. To celebrate the 50 day countdown I did 50 press ups, 50 squats and 5 x 50 second planks (standard x 2, reverse and each side). I did a small run as well. I had my most productive day of the week at work which was nice. I had some things to do with my book writing masterclass in the evening, and I had my daily French lessons on Duolingo too. I decided I needed to do a financial forecast for August, so I spent some time doing that this evening.


The flat mate convinced me to get a take away today. I owed him two for design and branding work he is doing for me so this would be the second one. We fancied a Mexican so we ordered from Taco Bell. I had three things and the flat mate had four things and it came to £22.98. It was money very well spent, I loved it! I was in a celebratory mood because of the 50 day countdown so I was very happy to get a takeaway.


At work today I received the best news I could have ever hoped for. My Fixed Term Appointment position had been converted into a permanent position. This would make my financial future so much more secure and help from everything to getting a rental contract to eventually getting a mortgage one day. I guess yesterday’s takeaway was a nice precursor to today’s good news. My subscription to the environmentally friendly laundry capsules came out of my account today and I checked and I now have so many that I pushed the next delivery back to late August. No point buying more than I need to buy, that’s just money down the drain. I considered buying something to celebrate my job news and it was made further tempting by Marks and Spencer’s giving me a £10 off voucher to celebrate the launch of their new Sparks loyalty service, but I decided against it in the end. I didn’t really need to buy anything and I should save my money for things I do need to buy.

I didn’t really feel like cooking so I just had some instant noodles for dinner, then I tidied up the house which is something I love doing on a Friday as it means the house is tidy all ready for the weekend and that’s one less thing to waste my time on then. I did a French lesson on Duolingo, my French grammar book turned up today, as did my lavender pillow spray and beauty spatula yesterday. My Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook 2021 isn’t released until the 23rd so I have a while to wait for that.


Saturday is typically my shopping day. The flat mate and I tend to only go shopping once a week now. Before Covid-19 hit the UK I would probably go to the shops most days and buy a small amount of things on whim, now everything is planned out in advance and we shop infrequently, but we shop much bigger than we have done previously.

I bought a wide range of groceries. No alcohol for once, I am tempted to get some whisky, but I figured I would use up the alcohol at home. I bought lots of fruit and vegetables, chocolate and crisps for the flat mate (and some for me!), lots of store cupboard tins and sauces, drinks, dairy products, fish and vegetarian products and finally some doughnuts as a treat. Doughnuts are my kryptonite. I spent £47.15 and I bought so much stuff that an hour later my arms are still sore from carrying back the shopping to my house. 6 bags and a backpack! I think shopping will have to become a 2 person job from now on!

I also wanted to treat myself on a small scale, but I don’t really have money for unnecessary treats. What I decided to do was get some beauty products. I needed a face mask pack and a face wash, but I decided to get a face scrub too. I am well stocked now.


Today I did a long run, my longest run since the 14th March. It was 12.25km long and it felt great to do it. I had my daily Duolingo French lesson. My flat mate and his girlfriend went to get ice creams from a local store and came back with one for me – peanut butter and strawberry. It was amazing! He didn’t even want any money for it, so today was a no spend day. We had a late Sunday dinner as it was far too hot to have one earlier in the day, and we watched Rocky III. I decided to go to bed at a sensible time too.

Now, let’s see how much I spent this week.







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