Spending Diary 20th to 26th July 2020

Hi all,

I must precede this late spending diary with the information that on Monday 20th July I received the news that my wonderful mum had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. It has understandably been a very hard time.


Before I received the news about my mum in the evening, I had been having a good day. I got things done at work. Then I left work early to view a house as the flat mate and I are looking to move out in September. We decided to get a chippy for tea. That came to £12.15, but we split the cost of that. I started my latest session on the book course I signed up to but quit halfway through after my brother phoned me to tell me about my mum.


My flat mate and I took a walk to a local park to clear my head. He treated me to a pasty and cake from a nearby bakery. The walk helped a little but I was still desperately sad. I continued with my daily runs as I didn’t see how they would make me feel worse and they might even make me feel better, but it was clear this grief was going to take time.


The flat mate went to the shops and bought milk, alcohol free beer x 2 packs and 2 x bottles, Pepsi, tissues, bread, cheese rolls, cookies, cucumber, orange juice, jam tarts, tomatoes and strawberries. This came to £22.33, but again we will split it. We will also split the cost of the £7.95 coffee from the subscription company Pact that came out of my account today.


Early bird sale entries for the 2021 October Cardiff Half Marathon went on sale and I took advantage and bought one. That came to £39.96, and I saved £5 from it. I also asked my colleague to tell me what my share of another colleague’s birthday presents was and it came to £3.10. My work friend was reluctant to bother me with news of the birthday costs but I insisted.


I have been having alternating bad and better days since finding out the news about my mum’s death, and this was a particularly bad day. It was made better by my flat mate’s girlfriend coming round and him deciding to treat us all to an Indian takeaway.


My brother and his girlfriend came to stay yesterday due to us going over to where my mum lived today. She lived nearest to me. I live in South Wales and she lived outside Bristol. My train fare cost £9.45, but I saved a 1/3 due to my railcard. I bought 2 sandwiches from the local shop to my mum whilst I was going through her things at her house. That came to £3.81 but I saved 84p using my co-op rewards card. My brother paid for the taxi to my mums and I paid for the one back which including tip was £15.

Back at my house we all felt too tired and sad to cook dinner so we ordered an Indian takeaway. The same place that we ordered from the day before. What I ordered came to £15 rounded up. Despite the circumstances it was quite nice to spend time with people. We took all the necessary social distancing precautions of course.


My brother, his girlfriend and I went to get ice creams at a local place to me. My two scoop pistachio and elderflower came to £3.95. We went for a walk around the nearest beauty spot. When we came back we played board games. Later we went to the shops and from the household budget I bought prosecco, onion rings, pizza dips, pizza, garlic bread, macaroni cheese which came to £16.65.

It has been a very hard week to get through, and I predicted I would be very upset on the 27th July when the first week since I heard the news passes.






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