Hi everyone,

I had taken this week off work due to needing to sort out things after my mum’s death, some of the days have been harder than others.


I decided to travel back to my home town to see some family and be with them during this time. My training ticket cost £45.05 with insurance but I saved 1/3 on it due to my rail card. I also bought my Dad a couple of indoor plants early for his birthday so I could be there to see him open them. They came to £21.83. I went to the shops to stock up for the week for my flat mate. I bought Lucozade, milk, Pepsi, hand wash, garden peas, oats, chocolate x 3, cucumber, tomatoes and burger baps. That came to £14.15, but I split that with my flat mate.

I also went to Boots and bought conditioner, 2 deodorants and a leave in conditioner, but I paid with my Boots advantage card points as I am really low on money, so I saved nearly £10.


I travelled back to stay with my Dad and Step mum. The train journey was luckily uneventful and with no delays or cancellations. At home I just hung out with my family for the rest of the day, and didn’t spend any money.


It is my Dad and Step mum’s wedding anniversary today, so I bought them a bottle of wine and a card for £8. I picked up some shopping for myself at the local Co-op. That was £9.86, and later I travelled into the centre of my home town to see a friend. The train ticket was £2.05 after I saved 1/3 on it with my rail card.


I had a terrible night’s sleep due to keep waking up in pain. It turns out I have picked up an infection. I went to the shops to buy some supplies (£4.10 for paracetamol, juice and yogurt) and in the shop I nearly fainted. I came home, started making a cup of coffee, and then fainted in the kitchen in front of my Dad who was very concerned.

My friend has had the same type of infection before so I asked her about treatment. She said waiting till I got back to where I live and seeing a doctor there would be unwise as this type of infection needs to be treated soon, so I spent a couple of hours today filling out temporary residents forms for the nearest surgery, getting assessed and then getting a prescription. In Wales prescriptions are free. In England they are not. So I paid £9.15 for the prescription but I was happy to pay this, anything to get better.

The rest of the day was uneventful.


I slept all through the night and the infection feels like it is nearly all gone, wonderful! I went to the shops to pick up supplies for the train journey. A bottle of Lucozade and water which was £1.83 after I used my Co-op reward points. I also picked up some bread and milk for my Dad, £2.50 for them.

I had an almost uneventful train journey home until I got near Westbury when the train lost power. It eventually decided to terminate early so I got off the train in Bath as the station is very pretty and waited for the following train back to Cardiff.

I got picked up from the station by my flat mate and his girlfriend and back at the house we had store bought pizzas. It is very hot!


I met up with one of my brothers in Bristol to go back to my mum’s house to look through her things. My train fare was £9.45, with a third off using my railcard. The taxi to my mum’s house was £15. I bought lunch at the local shop for £4.79. The deal was my brother would pay for the taxi back to the station and I told him to take money out but he believed he could pay by card. Turns out he couldn’t, so I had to pay. Another £13, but he’s promised to pay me back.

I had a few bags with me so back in Cardiff I caught a taxi home, which was £8. I did a quick run, made a decadent batch of veggie chilli cheese fries and had a zooms drink session with my friends. It got pretty emotional for all of us at certain points. Everyone has something going on in their life that could be better, and I truly believe all feelings are valid. It’s not like I think I’m the only person with problems, or the worst problems now that my mum has died. I want to be there for my friends with all their problems too.

I went to bed late, but I expected that.


I got up when my alarm went off at 10am. I always set an alarm, even on weekends. I was still sleepy from a 2am bedtime, but I wanted to get on with my day.

I had a long to do list to do and I got stuck straight on it. I have been meaning to update my email address to a new provider after issues with my current one. After some research I decided to go for a professional account with a secure provider who look really good. That was £43.41 for a year’s subscription to their service. I then signed up to a couple of other tech sites. One was £33.99 for a year of their service. And I got a free month’s trial on another tech site, but that will be £7.95 a month going forward.

I later went to the shops and bought 2 face toners for myself, £3.38. I went to the local Tesco too for food shopping. I did my shop and was debating whether to get some more alcohol when I saw my favourite Welsh whisky Penderyn was on sale with £11 off its price and there was only one bottle left. I took it as a sign I should get it. The food shopping came to £51.07. Back at home I checked my bank accounts and noted that my wine club subscription had come out, that was £20. As had my beer subscription, £26.90. I also paid back my flat mate for food shopping he had bought whilst I was away, which was £20.81 worth of stuff.

I’m drawing a close on today. I really don’t want to spend any more money today and I usually try to finish this blog post early on a Sunday, because then I’m not tempted to do any more shopping as I would have to come back and edit this.

I bid you goodbye on this week.





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  1. I found your blog through a random search but I’m so glad I did…
    I hope you are coping with the loss of your mother; and, that you have time and space to take care of your emotional and physical (you mentioned an infection) needs.
    This is a really good idea…a online spending journal. I think maybe I will borrow (that work never really made sense…because aren’t you just taking?) your idea and create a page on my blog that serves as a spending diary.
    Thank you for the inspiration. Please take very good care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The infection has cleared up and I am much better. I am from a large loving family and I have a tremendous amount of support around me. In 20 days I will be debt free but it will have taken me nearly 5 years to get there. I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

      Thank you for checking out my story.

      Liked by 1 person

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