20 Days

In 20 days time I will be debt free.

Scratch that.

Let me be honest.

In 20 days time I’ll be free from all the credit card, overdraft and consumer debt I ever had.

But I won’t be debt free.

For numerous years after graduating I had insecure job employment. I also made a lot of consumer mistakes, but mainly the job prospects held me back.

Someone in my life helped support me when times were tight or if a credit card couldn’t solve the problem.

I only ever borrowed money off this person on the basis that one day I would pay it back. I grew up to the song Independent Women by Destiny’s Child. I make it a point of pride to pay my way in life. This person is very easy going and wanted me to focus on the credit card debt before them. The repayment terms we’ve mutually agreed on are good.

I was going to save this big reveal for the debt free day, but I’m feeling introspective.

In 20 days Debt Stage 1 is completed.

In 21 days Debt Stage 2 begins.

I will focus my attention on Debt Stage 2 the way I did Debt Stage 1. I have set up life insurance and my will so that in the event I pass away before the debt is cleared this person will be paid back. This is how seriously I take it.

I’m a Flo, a Flo always pays her debts.

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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