Spending Diary 17th to 23rd August 2020


Spending Diary 17th to 23rd August 2020

Hi everybody,

Welcome to another week in the life of my wallet.

I’ll take you through my spending.


My flat mate returned from having spent the weekend with his girlfriend. He came back with some food shopping he had bought at a big supermarket he went to with his girlfriend. She can drive so he often does some food shopping with her when he goes to visit. He came back with a few multipacks of crisps, non-alcoholic beers, chopped tomatoes, coconut milk and chickpeas. It came to £7.54. When he was at the shops at the weekend he found a mug in the homeware section that was just the sort I had been looking for. He bought it for me and I paid him back today. It was £2. I like big mugs and I cannot lie. Later my flat mate went back out to the shops and picked up more things. He bought three baguettes, milk, Lucozade, strawberries, a beef patty, bread and cookies. He spent £8.21. We split all the food shopping. Whilst he was out I asked if he could pick up some gardening gloves and some disposable PPE/food gloves for me for some volunteering work I would be doing. The gloves came to £3.08. It meant paying him back for them left me with just 20p in my disposable income spending account, plus a £2 coin in my wallet. I would have to be careful until pay day!

Things got a bit dramatic in the evening when my flat mate started coming down with serious pain. He had picked up an infection, the same one I had a few weeks ago though that is coincidence as what I had couldn’t be passed on to another person. He had received some medication from the doctor today but had begun to feel much worse. He was on the phone to the out of hours GP and then later the A&E department of the local health board and they asked him to come in to the hospital. I helped him back a bag and his girlfriend came to pick him up and took him to hospital.

He came back slightly after midnight, waking me up, and said he had felt much better after being treated and had been discharged and told just to keep an eye on the problem and contact them again if it got any worse. I was very relieved to hear he didn’t have to stay overnight in hospital as I am very scared of spending any time in a health centre during a pandemic. It was so good to hear he wasn’t in too much pain anymore.


I’ve been studying for an Excel exam at work yesterday and today. I picked up so many new tips and ideas for it. It is the first time I have been able to concentrate on the training and everything was really sinking in. I was very eager to try out the new things I had learnt on my spreadsheets! Yes, I am very boring.

In the evening I met up with a friend and we ran to a nearby charity shop where we would be volunteering with our running group. We decorated the windows for the shop and did general tidying up of the store. It was great fun. My friend and I then ran back to my house before he carried on to his. I have been really struggling with running recently. I have a theory as to why, but it could also be because of the 111 days of running in a row. I think I will take the rest of this week off running. I will do some other cross training type exercise instead.


My blue light filter glasses have really been helping my sleep. I woke up very early today and decided to get the food shopping out of the way before work. I bought milk, Pepsi, cranberry juice, Vitalite (a dairy free spread), macaroni, ground coffee x 2, smoked salmon, garlic bread, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes and at the last minute I impulsively bought a Mediterranean orange flavoured gin by Gordon’s. I can’t wait to try that this evening. The gin was on offer and had £2.50 off. I also used the last of my 10% discount codes from my free trial of the Tesco club card app and received £3.13 off my shopping. So in the end the food shopping I bought came to £28.14.

I had a good day at work, though I was working on a tricky task and didn’t manage to finish it by the end of the day. That will have to carry over to tomorrow.

I had a bit of time spare at lunchtime so I went on a nearly 2 mile walk round my local area. It involved going up a huge hill, which when walking doesn’t feel that bad, but I have never been able to run up it all the way to the top on the times I have tried. I will work on that one day.

I made macaroni cheese for dinner and it was noticeable because it was only the second time ever I had made a proper cheese sauce from scratch. Normally I make a Slimming World version out of eggs and cottage cheese, it tastes better than it sounds! I was worried about making the macaroni cheese properly and from scratch because my favourite food growing up was the macaroni cheese my mum made. I am happy I told her this before she died. It still remains my favourite food. My macaroni cheese did not taste like how I remember my mum’s tasting and that made me both happy and sad at the same time. I made a double batch of it so that will be dinner tomorrow. I am really pleased I have learnt how to make white and cheese sauces in lock down. I can’t believe I never bothered before. I just remember them going wrong the first times I tried years ago and that put me off. They are so easy to do though, and I do feel like I couldn’t call myself a good cook until I learnt how to do them. I have also learnt how to make vegetable stock in lock down, and currently have three tubs of it in my freezer. I had made that on Monday, along with two portions of banana frozen yogurt. It felt good to do some food prep that day. I had decided to take Monday off running and had ended my 111 day running streak the day before. Running had taken up a lot of my time and I am glad I can begin to reclaim some time back.


Today marks one month since my mum passed away. It also marks one week until I become debt free. It was a weird day because of both the good thing and bad thing.

My mum had run out of battery in the night and I woke up from a dream where I had overslept and had been told to wake up, to find I had overslept and needed to wake up. I wasn’t late for work, but I like to get up earlier than I did today.

I spoke to my aunt – my mum’s twin sister – on the phone in the morning. It felt good to talk to her though it was obviously for sad reasons. Later I was able to finish the tricky task at work I had started yesterday. I also did a white wash load, hoovered my room and finally put away some clean clothes.

After work I went on a four mile walk which took slightly over an hour. Even though I am not running this week it still felt good to be doing some exercise. The flat mate and I had the leftover macaroni cheese for dinner and I had some wine too. I only drink 3 days a week and today is 2 out of 3 for drinking days. I don’t tend to drink on Friday but I definitely do on Saturday’s. The gin I tried yesterday was nice but didn’t taste especially like Mediterranean oranges, but all gin is good gin.

My flat mate was feeling a little sad. He has been really ill this week as I mentioned on Monday’s entry. He was also feeling a bit blue about things. I spent some time with him talking before he decided to try and get an early night. I had a shower and hair wash, putting on a conditioning mask as my hair felt really dry, then I went up to read for a bit before bed. I am still reading Haruki Murakami books, in chronological order. I am now up to ‘The Wind-up Bird Chronicles’ which is one of my favourite’s and was the first Haruki Murakami book I had ever read.


I woke up before 5AM, but that was far too early so I tried to go back to sleep. However I kept waking up every ten minutes or so for the next hour, so at 5:50AM I decided to get up and come downstairs to begin my day.

Before work I went for a 4 mile walk to begin my day. I am doing low impact exercise this week but I still want to be active. It was quite a lovely way to begin my day.

I had a good day at work, getting lots done. After work on impulse I began looking for winter shoes and I stumbled across a sale on the Office website. I’m a size 8 in shoes, meaning sometimes I’m really lucky in sales as that’s the only shoe size left. It wasn’t quite the case this time, but I did find a pair of winter boots for £40, a discount of £92 from their original price. I also paid £3.50 for delivery.

The flat mate decided he wanted burgers for dinner as a way of using up some potatoes we had as wedges. This meant going to the shops to get burger buns. I could have done a big shop but I was tired so I just picked up the buns. 80p.

We watched an episode of the Umbrella Academy as well as a film called the Peanut Butter Falcon. Both were very good.

I had to get up early the next day, so although I wanted to stay up late I went to bed at the same I do during the week.


I woke up a bit later than planned and hurriedly had a coffee before setting off. I was volunteering with my running group Good Gym. We were going to a community garden and doing some gardening work for them. I helped remove weeds from a fire pit and make it look pretty.

After coming home I had lunch and caught up with The Heights on BBC iplayer, then I went to do the food shopping. I bought prosecco ahead of my debt free day celebrations on the 27th August. I also did the general shopping, so I picked up tonic water, non-alcoholic beers, milk, oat milk, hand wash, scampi, vegetarian sausages, beyond meat burgers, cucumber, vegetarian mince, 3 multipacks of chocolate bars, pizzas, doughnuts and eggs. We still had an awful lot of food in store and tend to treat ourselves on the weekend so this food shopping trip looked unhealthier than usual, or at least I thought it did! The food shopping came to £47.30, I’m annoyed as I forgot to scan my club card so missed out on points. Not mentioned in the shopping were the two shower gels I picked up for my flat mate which he will pay me back for. We don’t have very much of the food shopping budget left so will have to be careful till payday. Our cupboards and fridge freezer are really stocked though so we shouldn’t need anything much else till then.

I bought a book for my kindle called ‘Your Money Life: 30s’ by Peter Dunn. It was a book I had often taken out of the library. Well, to be more accurate I took out the one about your 20s most before I turned 30. This book was substantially cheaper on kindle than in print and after using a voucher it was only £6.79. It is a book I find really valuable and I felt like reading it again.

The flat mate and I watched Netflix in the evening and then I went to bed to read. I saw a spider high up in the corner of my room, I couldn’t quite reach it. It wasn’t too big but I still didn’t really want it in my room so after realizing I couldn’t reach it I went down and asked my flat mate to help. He’s quite tall so could easily reach it. That drama over, I went back to my book.


As soon as the flat mate and I woke up we watched a WWE NXT pay per view. I did a complete inventory of the food in the kitchen and couldn’t find much at all that we needed to buy which meant not only would we be fine till pay day but I wouldn’t need to do a big food shop online like I thought I did.

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk around some parks. I made a fish curry for dinner and watched more Netflix.

I didn’t spend any money today so I declare the week over financially.










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