As of today I am free from credit card and consumer debt. No credit card bills, no overdraft, no loans, nothing, all gone!

Some people think living with debt is normal and a natural part of life. I didn’t want to live like everyone else, I wanted to be free from debt and financial burdens. I want to live a life on my own financial terms.

It doesn’t matter how I got into debt, but a brief synopsis is lack of knowledge and options which led to bad decisions and a whole lot of bad luck. It doesn’t matter if my debt was bigger or smaller than other people’s. It doesn’t matter if it took me longer or shorter to pay it off than other people.

What matters is I did it.

Things I did to improve my financial situation included working 7 days a week for 16 months,  doing a No Spend Year in 2017 and reducing my spending by 80%. I was prepared to put in all the hard work and a little bit more to get to today.

Getting into debt was one of the worst things I ever self inflicted on myself. But getting out of it has given me more confidence and pride in myself than nearly all other things I have done in life.

Today I will meet up with friends and later I will have pizza and prosecco and watch money related films.

A new chapter of my financial life begins today!

I plan to write a book about this journey, plus I have my Instagram and Facebook accounts under the same name if anyone wants a gander at them.

There will be many more financial hurdles I will face in life, I may get into debt again, but now I know I can get out of it.

Welcome to the next chapter of my life!

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Hello, I write about food, debt, saving money, mental health and social anxiety.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t imagine how relieved you must feel.

    “Today I will meet up with friends and later I will have pizza and prosecco and watch money related films.” THIS! THIS! THIS!

    I hope you had an absolutely wonderful time.

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