Hi everybody,

A monumental week for me as you all know.

Here is how my money was spent this week.


Back to work after a weekend. I was studying for an Excel course I will be doing later this week so it was quite a nice Monday at work.

At lunchtime I remembered a local Etsy seller my work friend had recommended who makes really decadent brownies. I looked up her shop online and ended up spending £38 on brownies and blondies. Half are for me for Thursday when I become debt free and the other half are for my friend’s leaving do, also on Thursday. I have never spent £38 on cakes before. I have never spent anywhere near that amount on treats. The amount of 5 star reviews this seller had on Etsy was phenomenal, and my friend waxed lyrical about the brownies she ordered. So I am expecting big things.


I woke up at 5AM feeling remarkably refreshed which is even more impressive after not falling asleep until after midnight the night before. I swear these blue light filter glasses have changed my life. I did some chores in the morning and went on Duolingo and completed a course. I then wrote a letter to my Grandpa and went to post it, taking along some old batteries to recycle at the nearest Tesco too. There is a storm hitting the UK today, and Wales in general has been badly hit with weather this year. It has been fiercely windy all day.

I had a good day at work. At lunchtime I was very productive again getting some financial matters in order. I also read a bit on my Kindle. During his lunchtime my flat mate went to the shops and bought crackers, bread, cheese rolls, 2 multipacks of crisps and milk. It came to £5.90 but we split all the household shopping. After work I spent an hour on the exercise bike, had a shower (a quick one after the hot water ran out) and made pasta for dinner. I updated my spreadsheets and watched High Score and The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.


I had another good day at work. I was involved in an exciting project, and then I managed to get a lot of my own work done too. I worked a little later as I started a little later, I have flexible working hours in general but working from home has made these things even easier.

A message went round my running group that there was a collection going for the leaders of that group who are leaving Wales soon. I rounded down my bank account and sent over £6.85 to the organiser behind the gift. Because of covid restrictions it has been advised that people only bring their own food to the picnic tomorrow, so I might be stuck with double brownies. I’m not sure what to do about the brownies I ordered for them. I did wonder about covid restrictions. Maybe I’ll just give them to the two who are leaving rather than share them around.

I did my daily Duolingo lessons after work. I made scampi and chips for dinner. The flat mate and I watched another episode of High Score, and then we went on a short walk around the neighbourhood. My flat mate still seems reluctant to be doing the washing up, even though the rule is whoever makes dinner is excused, and I’ve made dinner the last three nights. I wonder which one of us will break first.

I decided I would be sensible and go to bed relatively early. It would mean I would be more likely to wake up early and spend longer celebrating my debt free day.


I woke up at 6AM. Then I did something I had been wanting to do for nearly 5 years. I made my last credit card payment and became free from credit card debt.

Despite the weather being awful I had a glorious day. I got a lot of financial related things done. I wanted to look into my pensions and ultimately the news I got on them wasn’t what I was hoping for, but at least I had sorted them out. I did some food shopping, getting very damp in the process. I bought a wide range of groceries in Tesco and Savers, and I also picked up some first class stamps. Then I went and collected the £38 of brownies and came back. I had a very light and sensible lunch in preparation for later gluttony.

I saw some friends in the afternoon, then I went home and ordered a Papa John’s pizza for me and my flat mate. Two large pizzas, two sides and a bottle of drink for £27.49. We watched The Big Short on Netflix, it’s one of my favourite films. Then we watched a documentary called Inside Job, which is about the same subject as The Big Short so it was nice to follow on from that.

All in all I think today was one of the greatest days of my life.


I had an important day at work today. I was going to be doing an exam for a course I had been studying. I revised it in the morning then went into the exam at lunchtime. I was doing really well on it but I was just too slow. I fell a little short of the pass rate. I still really felt like I have learnt a lot from the course, so I hope that counts for something.

In the morning my flat mate bought us two tickets to see IDLES next year. That was much cheaper than I was expecting and was £34.35 for my ticket.

In the evening I made breadcrumbs from some frozen bread slices in order to make way in the freezer for fresh bread we needed to freeze. A bit of poor shopping management on my part from when I bought a packet of mini baguettes yesterday not realising we had bread. I had some leftover chilli for dinner, saving my leftover half of yesterday’s pizza for tomorrow. I watched Orange is the New Black, finishing season 7 which made me very sad that the journey had come to an end. It was so good.


I woke up early in order to go volunteer with GoodGym. I went to a Hindu centre in my home city where a local fair sharing charity were preparing meals for vulnerable people to be delivered around the city. I was on the duty of dishing out rice and then I also helped scrub clean the huge pans. I walked there and back through a huge park and really enjoyed being in amongst nature.

I stopped off at the shops on the way home. I went to Savers first and picked up a £2.99 tube of Sensodyne toothpaste as I have sensitive teeth. I then went to Tesco and picked up oat milks, crisps, doughnuts and cheese for £8.39. When I got home I checked my bank account details and saw my subscription to Pact coffee had come out to be delivered next week. £7.95 for that. I have learnt that good coffee is worth paying for. That’s one eating/drinking habit that changed during lockdown.

I watched The Big Short again, despite only having watched it on Thursday. It is one of my favourite films. I tidied up the house whilst doing that, changing the bed, sorting out the recycling, hoovering, washing up and watering the house plants. At 8PM I went into what was a really fun Zoom drinks with my friends, drinking some prosecco during the course of the night.


I woke up later then I wanted to and only drank half my coffee before heading to the park to meet up with GoodGym again to do some litter picking. After that we went to the coffee shop that used to host our group run sessions before lockdown happened to have a drink. My Americano was £2.70 and I added a £1.50 tip as it was so nice to see them open again.

When I got home I was going to go on Duolingo when I saw that my two week free plus trial had come to an end. I found it invaluable so when I saw that they had improved on the previous offer they gave me on the annual subscription I signed up. It was £71.88 and I saved £72 in the process.

My flat mate came back from the shops with margarine, strawberries, non-alcoholic beers, milk and bread that came to £10.15. We split the food and household shopping between us.

We watched Moneyball and then after I did some admin tasks we settled down to watch Venom.

And with that I declare my spending week over.





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