Apple and Maple Syrup Oat Cookies

Apple and Maple Syrup Oat Cookies

Hi everybody,

On Monday I found some apples going soft in the bottom of my fridge, so rather than waste them I cooked them in some water with sugar, then pulsed them in my food processor.

Then they sat in a Tupperware in my fridge because I didn’t have time to deal with them.

So today when I woke up early I decided to make cookies with them. I do love a good oat cookie. Oats are a magical food, so versatile and forgiving.


4 x Apples, cooked and processed

1 x Tsp Cinnamon

4 x Tb Spoons Maple Syrup

30g Coconut Oil, melted

30g Chia Seeds

300g Porridge Oats

100g Sultanas (or any dried fruit)


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl

Mix together until all combined

Shape into 12 cookie rounds

Spread out across two baking parchment lined baking trays then cook for about 20 minutes

Leave to cool, then enjoy

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