Spending Diary 21st to 27th September 2020

Hi everybody,

Welcome to this week’s spending diary.

Let us begin.


Back to work after the weekend. The notable thing that happened today was I had an anxiety attack and felt I should tell my line manager about it as it happened during working hours. Today felt like a bit of a write off.


In my one to one with my line manager she started talking about how she feels it might be in my best interest to look into taking time off work due to my mental health. This caused me a lot of anxiety and distress. I had to give serious thought to this.


I called my doctor today and was signed off work for a week due to my mental health. I discussed this with my line manager and then shut off my work laptop.

To cheer myself up I did something I had been meaning to do for over four years. Something I had been saving up for, and something I had already planned to buy.

I bought a new laptop.

I have never owned a new computer. The first computer I ever bought for university was an ex display model with three dead pixels that everyone at university was quick to point out to me. The second computer I bought, this one, was purchased second hand off my friend for £90 in 2015. She had already owned it for four years at that point. I felt lucky to own this one at the time. I still do. US financial mastermind Dave Ramsey talks about ‘Dave cars’ which is where you buy the car you can afford to buy in cash, even if it isn’t very cool or stylish, rather than finance a flashier car. So consider this laptop my ‘Dave laptop’. I finally have purchased a new laptop. I did endless research into this. I know I bought the best laptop I could for my budget. I also bought MS Office, a two year accidental cover policy and security. All in all I spent £559.97 (I got £20 off the MS Office, woo!). Now, don’t worry, but I put this on my credit card, only because it is good practise to buy electrical items on a credit card in order to have better consumer protection in case I need a refund on it.

I also distracted myself by doing stage four of the KonMari method designed by Japanese tidying up Guru Marie Kondo. Stage four is ‘komono’ which is miscellaneous items to the other four stages (clothing, books, papers, sentimental). I produced three bags of charity shop donations, two bags of rubbish and one bag of recycling. Komono involved making lots of notes about exactly what I owned and how much it would cost to replace everything if it all burnt in a house fire. One of the reasons why I am doing this decluttering project now is because I renew my home insurance in November and I wanted to know exactly what my possessions cost. Turns out I have been dramatically undervaluing my contents when it comes to home insurance.

I went to bed feeling a little bit brighter, but perhaps a bit dustier. 

With that a notable day in my life came to an end.


I don’t know how to relax. I don’t know how to take time off. I want to be busy and productive at all times. I feel lazy when I’m relaxing. So I am not entirely sure what I will be doing to keep me occupied during this week.

I decided I would take some time off from exercising. I’ve been pushing myself quite hard in a bid to get my running fitness back and also to lose weight and just manage my IBS better. So at least in that way I would be relaxing.

I decided to get some chores done. I took the three bags of charity bags to the charity shop and I also posted a letter that had been wrongly delivered to our flat. I then did some food shopping, buying milk, orange juice, almond milk, oat milk, a milkshake for my flat mate, mozzarella, peppers, two tins of chopped tomatoes, black beans, a sourdough loaf and a bag of frozen broccoli. The shopping costs £10.03. As I mentioned on last week’s post I am over budget now but will split the excess with my flat mate.

I also picked up a bottle of white wine to give to my friend as she is going to fix some clothing for me. The wine cost £8. After doing the shopping I went round to her flat and dropped off the wine and the clothes. I used to take all my clothes that needed fixing to a lovely seamstress near me but she is shut due to the lockdown. My friend used to work in fashion so she definitely will treat my clothes well. She took one look at the holes in my black merino wool jumper and said I probably have moths or bugs in my wardrobe. I had wondered that myself.

Back at home I ate a quick lunch, then I tackled the big task of the day. KonMari method stage five – sentimental.

I am a hoarder. My Dad is a hoarder and my mum was a hoarder. My room in my flat is a museum of my life. I keep so many things. I found a cinema ticket for the 2005 SpongeBob SquarePants movie. And worse of all there was no method to my storage. Things were just in boxes within boxes. Photos and letters and mementos were all just in amongst each other. So I had two tasks at hand. I had to declutter my sentimental possessions, but I also had to find a system for organising them.

This was going to be a mission.

I got to work. I uncovered two S Club 7 CDs and a Spice Girls CD. I started forming piles of letters all over my bedroom floor divided by the person who had sent them. I’m from a family of prolific letter writers. My mum’s pile was naturally the biggest. She one year sent me two Christmas cards before the 30th November. I also had to do some serious dusting maintenance around my wooden storage box. That in itself was a sentimental item. As a child my Dad bought one each for his children and designed the interiors specific to each child. Mine has a lovely blue and purple and silver star design. I have always had it and have spent most years storing precious items in it.

I am also a serious diary writer. I have been writing in a diary since 2005 so I have a lot! They all ended up in the revamped wooden box along with some miscellaneous papers. My photos were all collected together and ended up in the plastic drawers in my wardrobe. My mementos (things like ticket stubs and wedding favours) are all currently stored in an old vanity case. The letters have been divided up in my Dad’s side of the family, my Mum’s side of the family, work, friends and my mum had a pile all to herself. Each individual pile was placed in a box.

After a quick hoover I declared that the room was finished. I had one bag of rubbish, one bad of recycling and two bags for the charity shop.

I made a lasagne for tea and cleared up the kitchen.

Then I began shopping. I have completed the decluttering KonMari method. But now inspired by my intense viewing of The Home Edit on Netflix I realised I have to now organise my possessions. So I went on the Paperchase website and order 7 storage boxes. That came to £49. I then went on Amazon and bought 5 self-adhesive photo albums, lavender pillow spray, labels and The Home Edit book. This all came to £89.92. I feel like I have spent a lot, but I feel happy that I’m beginning to get my life in order and becoming more of a grown up.

I read a little, then went to bed.


I woke up at a good time and then got cracking on updating my spreadsheets. I had been neglecting them. I had a very chilled day at home, though I did do some chores such as picking up my prescription, taking the bags to the charity shop and buying a few toiletries. The total amount of money I spent was £13.47. I’m doing low impact things. Stuff that will keep me busy but not be too stressful or strenuous. I’m still not planning on exercising. I’m working on making my diet healthy first.

At 3pm I had a call with Mind active monitoring, and then I caught up with some TV. I had leftover lasagne for tea. I began looking at jewellery boxes. I don’t have much jewellery, and all I do have is definitely ‘sentimental’ not valuable. But I would like a more adult way of storing things. This decluttering process has really made me see that I’ve been hanging on to a lot of childhood stuff and I need to move on and grow up and become more sophisticated. It would be nice if people saw me as a 31 year old woman rather than keep asking me for ID and asking me what I’m studying. I have nothing against students but I graduated 9 years ago and I would like to be considered a woman, not a girl.

I suppose there are worse things to complain about.

I’ve been watching films this evening. Both ones I’ve seen before and both on BBC iPlayer. Molly’s Game and the Damned United. I really like both and enjoyed watching both of them again. I think I will watch more films tomorrow.


I woke up at a good time and weighed myself. Saturday is my weigh in day. I don’t do Slimming World or any crap like that, but I’ve done enough of it in the past to keep some of the ideas in mind. So Saturday is my official weigh in day where I base the weight on this day in comparison to the week before to see whether I’ve lost any. This week I weighed 2.5 pounds less than the week before. Good progress.

I did the washing up and then the door buzzer went. It was my order from Paperchase of my storage boxes. This meant I could begin archiving my possessions. I took the box upstairs to my bedroom. First I began by cleaning out my wardrobe. Upon my friend’s belief that there may be bugs in my wardrobe I cleaned the top of it and reordered the storage boxes on there. I’m creating more space.

I stored my letters in the new keep sake boxes and then analysed the stuff I had left. I opened up my vanity case of keep sakes and started sorting them into physical items, gig tickets and the like and bulkier papers like zines and programmes. I would need about 4 more boxes to store my things in.

I hoovered my bedroom and the rest of the flat, and then I had a shower. I ordered the 4 extra storage boxes from Paperchase and bought some stickers to push my order over £25 to get free next day delivery. I had £5 on my Paperchase Treat Me card to use so that was a nice bonus. I also ordered a crate of wine from Naked Wines. I pay £20 a month into my account and had £90 in my account already so the crate I bought cost just an extra £14.99. Naked Wines had given me a free magnum bottle worth £19.98 for when I next ordered 12 bottles so I have that to look forward to as well.

I made some cheesy garlic bread and then I watched Pitch Perfect on Netflix. I have never seen it before but was really in the mood for a good girly film.

I’ve been feeling down today because I’ve had to cancel my trip home next weekend to visit my Dad and Stepmum. My city will be going into local lockdown from 6pm tomorrow (Sunday 27th) and I can’t justify making the trip next weekend when people’s safety is at risk. At least I will get a refund on my train ticket because I took out insurance on it.

I am also sad because of things relating to my mum’s death.

I bought a takeaway Papa John’s pizza and sides for dinner. I rounded up the amount to £23 as the round up amount was donated to charity. I loved the Papa John’s I had in August but this one was disappointing. At least I didn’t have to cook and I’ve got half of the takeaway saved for tomorrow.

I watched more films as the night went on. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 and then I started watching Mamma Mia. I’ll probably watch Mamma Mia 2 as well.


I woke up early and started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. I had seen some episodes here and there over the years but never watched it in full. I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it but it is fine for now.

At 11am I went into a zoom call about one of my running groups. It was quite good to be involved in that. Then I had leftover Papa John’s for lunch.

I called up my Aunt to speak to her about my mum. My mum was her twin sister. It was a short call but a good one. I must call her more often.

I listened to a radio 6 music show about Kate Bush and then I went on a hard core Duolingo binge. I was languishing in the bottom of the obsidian league and wanted to get promoted to the diamond league again so I was on Duolingo for hours getting my points back up. It’s one way to spend a Sunday.

I spoke to my Dad and Stepmum around 8pm and caught up on some messages and watched more Gossip Girl. I was waiting till the end of the day to see if I would spend any more money but it is 10pm now so I declare my week of spending is over.





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  1. I’m impressed you continue to post your spending diary now that you are debt free. I was inspired by you and created one for the month of September. It was super helpful because I had a really tight budget for September (as a result of making a significant debt payment in August) and really didn’t want to go “over.” I wrote down everything I spent and found I definitely spent less because I was forced to acknowledge when I didn’t “really” have the money and it also kinda turned it into a game…trying to not go over budget.

    I definitely made me acknowledge how much I spend on random stuff (snacks) but I don’t know that I could get comfortable enough to publish that for the world to see…(although, I guess the people at Kroger already know lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The very first thing I did to try and control my debts was keep a record of what I spent, and it made me realise just how much I was spending. I’ve learnt to be mindful of my spending habits to keep me on track. I’m glad to hear you’re writing your own spending diaries.

      Liked by 1 person

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