Spending Diary 9th to 15th November 2020

Hi everybody!

I am still on a massive urge to spend money. I have no idea why! I also have no money. Maybe it is just a reaction against the two-week fire break lockdown where I live recently which meant all non-essential shops were shut. Though I didn’t want to even go to any shops then so that can’t be it.

I’m trying to be sensible really.


I had the day off work today as annual leave. I had rescheduled my will writing appointment to today but that wouldn’t be till the afternoon.

I woke up at 6 am and came downstairs and did some revision to the spending diary that preceded this one. I then posted that on here. I have recently signed up for Grammarly and am trying to learn how to get better at writing. I have the free version of Grammarly and may spring for the paid version if I get real use out of it.

At 9 am I went for a 10km run. I am still not able to run the full 10km all in one go. I haven’t run further than 5km all in one go since mid-July. I ran about 5.5km before I stopped and walked for a bit. That had been forty minutes at that point. I walked for five minutes then ran for ten minutes and carried on that pattern finishing the run in 01:21:30 with 01:06:30 of that being run. This meant I did run more and spent more time running than previous attempts at this distance, but I finished slightly slower. You win some you lose some.

I came home, showered, and did my beauty maintenance, then had lunch. I went upstairs after lunch to do Duolingo in my room as my flatmate works from home due to the pandemic and chooses to work in the living room. I could hardly distract him during one of his MS Teams calls with my painful attempts at pronunciation.

Midway through my French lessons a delivery I had placed last week with an independent coffee shop arrived. It was for three packets of ground coffee, a 250g bag of cacao chocolate chips, and a six-pack of oat milk. I haven’t received the invoice yet so I don’t know how much it will be.

I then did the will appointment over the telephone and finished that in a short time. As I was on annual leave and my flatmate wasn’t it seemed fair that I should go to the shops. In Holland and Barrett, I bought two cans of kombucha and one can of kefir. That was all they had, I wanted more. Those three cans cost £5.97.

Next, to Iceland. Frozen peppers and a bag of Quorn chicken pieces set me back £4. Finally, I was in Tesco and I treated myself to a bottle of Bailey’s that was 75% funded with my latest club card vouchers. I also bought Pepsi Max, blackcurrant squash, summer fruits squash, two tins of tomato soup, two tins of carrot and coriander soup, stuffed green olives, black olives, frozen sweetcorn, Stilton cheese, and onions. After the £9 in vouchers was deducted the shopping came to £15.37.

Back at home, I began making dinner. I was planning on making cauliflower gnocchi. I did make cauliflower gnocchi. However, the quality of the gnocchi degraded as I grew more and more tired of making the little shapes. There were trays of it all over the kitchen and I have a small kitchen.

I cooked two portions for dinner with some tomato sauce and cheese, then froze the rest. I didn’t freeze them neatly; I just shoved the gnocchi on the baking parchment in the freezer. Dealing with that is future Flo’s problem.

Then it was off to bed as I planned to also get up early tomorrow.


I woke up successfully at 6 am. Before breakfast, I divided the frozen gnocchi into individual portions and ended up with eleven bags taking up valuable space in the freezer. After breakfast, I went on Duolingo for an hour, then got dressed and started work at 08:05 am which is extremely rare for me.

I sent the coffee shop an email saying I hadn’t received the invoice and would wait for that later. I achieved 60% of the stats that I had in the entirety of last week before noon today! Super Flo! I then had an extended lunch break and did some strength work and sprints on the exercise bike. For lunch, I had toast with some of the Stilton cheese and some of the pear and fig relish I bought from Rubies in the Rubble last week. It was an amazing lunch. I had heard – admittedly not from someone trained in nutrition – that blue cheese helps gut health and I certainly felt much happier after eating it. I then had a shower and returned to my desk.

The invoice had arrived. My coffee shops treat cost £37.90. Eeek! It will keep me going for most of the rest of the month though.

The rest of my afternoon was taken up with meetings, and I did a brief bit of e-learning just before I finished for the day.

Due to the vast amount of cauliflower gnocchi, the flatmate and I had that for dinner today as well. We jazzed it up a little with different vegetables. It is delicious but I think it will be hard to persuade me to make gnocchi from scratch again.

We then watched an old episode of Taskmaster. I would have to go to bed early again tonight as I have an early morning meeting tomorrow and will need to make sure I am well-rested. I would want to unwind by reading a little as well. I have received the book ‘The Four Pillars’ and have taken to it. I will carry on reading that.


Off to the shops again! Orange juice, milk, wheat biscuits, crisps, spaghetti rings, Thai crisps, four tins of chopped tomatoes, two packets of noodles, butter – unsalted and salted, two packs of spaghetti, camembert, stilton, tofu, and tomatoes. £17.31


My subscription to the Smol dishwasher capsules came out of my account today. £4.60. I hope they arrive soon otherwise I may have to do manual washing up! I also needed to go to the shops to pick up things for tonight’s stir fry. I bought carrots, two tins of coconut milk, potatoes, sweet potatoes, two packets of noodles, three baguettes, two lots of stir fry sauce, and bread for £9.10. Whilst in Tesco I picked up a book of 12 first-class stamps as I am a prolific letter writer, mainly to my Grandpa, so that was a wise investment of £9.12.

Back at home I checked my emails and saw that I had been paid my Amazon vouchers for a side hustle I do. I now had £30 on my account so I bought some cookbooks I had been lusting after. Two were from Bosh, the two guys who specialise in vegan cooking. The other was the latest Nigella Lawson cookbook. I also added a Christmas CD and after the vouchers were taken off it cost me £6.99.

I was going out this evening for the first time since before lockdown. I was a bit scared about it, to be honest. I was going with some work friends split across two groups (only up to four people from different households can meet in a venue and there were five of us). I met up with two of my friends to walk there and was having a bit of a panic attack, but I felt more relaxed in the pub. On Tuesday I had decided I would give up drinking for five weeks, backdating it to Monday as that had been a drink-free day. I have just been feeling a bit under the weather for a while. My sleep is erratic, I have bad IBS symptoms, I’ve put on weight and I have high-stress levels so the only way to figure out if alcohol is maybe part of the problem is to eliminate it and then reintroduce it. I will be able to drink again on the 14th of December. So, in the pub, I was just having 0% beers. I spent £8.80 on the two non-alcoholic beers I had. I had a good night in the end. It was good to see my friends and the only way I am going to be able to overcome my social anxiety about socialising during a pandemic is to go out and socialise.

My flatmate met me half way on my walk home from the pub and I got into bed at a good time.


Normally Friday is one of my drinking days, so I thought I would struggle today but actually, it was really easy. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything and I have been feeling a bit better about myself this week. I still haven’t noticed any improvement in my sleep though and that is the main thing I am trying to work on.


I had to get up early to do a mission with Good Gym at a community garden. I did wake up early, but then I fell asleep on the sofa and was running late. I ended up being the first person at the mission though, which is unusual for me. I was digging up some brambles when all of us heard a strange bird cry. We were looking in the trees and bushes and eventually, one of the group saw that it was a parrot! It flew off high up into a tree. One of the group nominated themselves to check local lost pet listings on social media to see if anyone was missing a parrot.

I walked home and had a quick shower and then got on with my day. I did some Duolingo. The flatmate and I made a meal plan and then I went to the shops. It feels like I have spent my entire week in the shops. I bought Heineken 0% beers, non-alcoholic white wine, two Erdinger 0% beers, Cheddar cheese, Actimel, tomato and mascarpone sauce, handwash, mayonnaise, Flora, two crisp multipacks, apples, bananas, oranges, tortilla wraps, felafel, pears, cucumber, eggs, and houmous all came to £33.99. I’m quite excited by the non-alcoholic wine. When I tried it later it was very strange. It did taste like wine, but without the kick of alcohol. I drank the whole bottle of course.

I tidied up the house and then watched a film on All 4 called ‘The Love Witch’. It was bizarre. If you found Game of Thrones gratuitous in its use of nudity then you won’t like The Love Witch. I liked it, it was utterly camp and shocking.


I had to get up early to go to another Good Gym mission, and it went slightly more successfully than yesterday in that I did fall asleep after the alarm, but I woke up in time. The Good Gym mission started with a 5km run that three of us were doing. I don’t know whether it was a reaction to the cold or a new face cream I had rubbed into my face before I left but my eyes and nose were streaming. It might have been hay fever. I was in a really bad way and thought I was going to have to run off to the nearest Tesco toilets to clean myself up, but luckily the symptoms seemed to disappear quickly. After the run more of us from Good Gym arrived and we did a litter pick around the nearby streets for 45 minutes. I then walked back home through the park and arrived home in just enough time to make tea and have a sandwich before my Skype call with one of my best friends. It was lovely catching up with her. Her son is eighteen months old now and it was lovely to see him playing and to catch up with her and her husband. I felt great after speaking with them. Lockdown life has made me realise how important my friends and family are.

I had a shower, did some Duolingo, and just did some life admin stuff. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. The flatmate was feeling ill so we had a small dinner of soup and bread. I had a video call with my Dad and step mum and then watched His Dark Materials. I was ready for bed after that.

The week is over!





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