Spending Diary 23rd to 29th November 2020

Hi everybody!

Payday happens this week, so let’s see if I stick to my old fail-safe habit of spending all my money in the first few days.


I had gone to bed just before 10 PM yesterday and as a result, I am feeling less sleepy in the morning. I only nodded off slightly during my Duolingo lessons this morning. I had woken up with the alarm at 6 AM and by 7:15 AM I was feeling alert. Today is a rest day for me in terms of exercise, but I still had my cold shower in the morning as they really do make me feel better.

After my shower, I had a quick breakfast, and then I went to my local Costa coffee shop to take advantage of the points on my card to get a free coffee. I opted for an Irish velvet latte. It was proper lush! I saved £3.75 using the points on my card. That is the last of my free coffees so when I get my next one, I will have to pay for it.

It didn’t take me very long back at the flat to get my things together and start work six minutes early, yippee!

At lunchtime, I went to see if the pharmacy had my new prescription ready. They didn’t. Never mind. I went to Tesco after that and bought 2 x Ghost Ship 0% beers, 2 x Erdinger 0% beers, Greek yogurt, Brewdog 0% beers, Cheddar cheese, potatoes, pasta salad, bread, naan bread, mushrooms, eggs which all came to £21.21. £3.39 remains of the budget! It has to last till Friday. Normally we go horrendously over budget on the food shopping, so this is actually pretty good for us. I would really like to end the month within budget though, for a change.

I shouldn’t have said that. My flatmate went out to the shops and wanted some things to go with our curry tonight, so he bought some samosas, onion bhajis, and a paneer roll from our favourite local Indian food store. He spent £4.25 which means we are now 86p over budget. And we were doing so well too.


The flatmate had to go to the shops again to buy a 2 pint of milk which set us back 90p. I also had my counselling session today which cost me £35 but is worth every penny. I am eagerly counting down the days till payday, I just have to make it to Friday.


I was very much in the Christmas spirit today. I had been debating over the purchasing of two Christmas CDs and in the end, I just bought them both. I had £15 of Amazon vouchers on my account so it only cost me £4.31 after that. We had to make another trip to the shops and bought ice cream, cheese rolls, raspberries and cucumber for £5.85. We are now £7.61 over budget on the food shopping and I really hope we can keep out of the shops tomorrow and leave the budget at that.

Having said that, considering we were more than £80 over the last month’s food shopping budget I feel this is progress.

The Christmas lockdown restrictions were announced this week. It does mean I can’t spend as long with my family at Christmas as I would like, but at least I can see them at all. I knew this would cause a rush on the train tickets so I promptly bought mine which set me back £62.25 from the Christmas budget. For the peace of mind, it was worth it. I saved 1/3 on the train fare using my railcard. My railcard runs out in January and I won’t be able to renew it again, so soon I will be paying full price on my travel. I’m not looking forward to that.


Yesterday was just a prelude to today’s amped-up Christmas feelings. Using money in my Christmas budget I started buying presents, and a few for me may have slipped in as well.

I try to buy presents from independent businesses, and this year I had decided to support my friends as I suddenly realised loads of them have online stores or side hustles and I decided they would be perfect to invest in. I decided to peruse my friend’s publishing company. I know her from the football team I used to train with. Her store looked amazing and I fell in love with so many things.

I bought birthday presents for my step mum and sister who both have birthdays in December. I bought my work colleague a secret Santa present. For me, I bought an intriguing product called ‘Gin Mayonnaise’ (gin-infused mayonnaise) a pair of socks, and a dusty blue leopard print headband. I bought another gin mayonnaise as part of my Dad and stepmum’s Christmas gift. I had a 20% off voucher as an early Black Friday treat. In total, I spent £50.

The flatmate and I kept out of the shops and thus the food budget ended at just £7.61 over budget. I did a food inventory of everything we had in the cupboards


Payday! Day off too! I treated myself to a gingerbread latte on my morning walk (£3.25). Later on in the day, I did some essential shopping, despite going over budget we were running low on a lot of things. I bought our usual cleaning supplies and laundry items in Savers (£17.15) and picked up some shower gels and body scrub for me too (£3.98). In Iceland, I spent £18 on frozen vegetable bags and frozen Quorn products. Finally, I bought a lot of fresh items, store cupboard essentials, and a few treats in Tesco which came to £44.43. At lunchtime, I treated myself to a Subway using the points on my card.

I am buying my flatmate a takeaway once a month in exchange for some branding work so we opted for a Chinese takeaway today. We ordered almost the exact things as the last time we ordered from that restaurant, we clearly aren’t adventurous. The takeaway cost £22.10 and was worth every penny.

Later on, I was checking my emails and saw that the new book by Roy Wilkinson who wrote the biography for the band British Sea Power had been released in a limited edition batch of 667 copies. As a Christmas present to myself, I bought myself a copy. It will be delivered in six parts once a month. It was £40 and is probably the most I have ever spent on a book.


I had to get up early because I was doing a GoodGym mission. I was feeling a bit sore from my workout the day before and decided to get the train to the location. I picked up a salted caramel latte from Greggs on the way as I was seriously lacking in coffee that morning, £2.25. The train cost £2.40 because I had 1/3 off due to my railcard. The mission was building a shed for a local charity and it was a lot of fun, though because it was outside it was quite cold. I really enjoyed the mission and it would be my first time writing the run report afterward.

Catching the train back home, I stopped off at my local post office and treated myself to three magazines – Women’s Health, Women’s Running, and 220 Triathlon magazine – which may not be the best way to spend £14.50, but I will enjoy all of them immensely.

Checking my bank account I saw that I had been charged for my next subscription of the laundry capsules I get from Smol, which is another £4.50 off the budget.

My flatmate was having his girlfriend spend the night in the flat for the first time with me also at home, so he wanted to splash out on cooking a nice meal. He hurried to the shops and came back with all the items for a burger feast. He spent £12.71 in Tesco and 78p in Sainsbury’s. We had a lovely meal, but I had received some bad news about my stepmum earlier in the day and I retreated to bed soon after the meal.


I woke up late, which didn’t make me as grumpy as it normally would. I chilled in the morning and did chores and general admin business. The news of my stepmum yesterday sent me in a bit of a spin, as I wanted to get both her and my Dad really good presents for Christmas. So I went back on the site I bought the earlier things from and added more treats to a basket and paid for them. That was another £54, I am really excited about the things I have bought for them.

Later on in the day, I ran an easy 4.5km and then did 2 hours on the exercise bike whilst watching old Nigella Lawson series on the BBC iPlayer app. It took me a while to get round to doing my Duolingo lessons, but I did eventually and completed a course. I then had to do some extra lessons to secure my place in the Diamond League. I can be oddly competitive.

With that, the week has drawn to a close.







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