Spending Diary 21st to 27th December 2020

Hi everybody!

The week of Christmas begins!

I’ll be spending Christmas away from my family due to the new lockdown restrictions, so how will this impact my spending this week?

Let’s take a look.


I woke up at midday. Today is the first day of my Christmas annual leave. I went to bed around 2 AM the night before. I really benefitted from this sleep and was glad to have had it. I will try to get back into better habits as the holiday progresses so that returning to work in January isn’t such a shock.

I was feeling a bit aimless because although there are lots of things I would like to do, nothing is particularly urgent. That was making it hard for me to focus today or get down to anything. I was feeling distracted by the state of the flat as well. The flatmate and I spent most of the day tidying it up. I was a bit naughty and threw out some remnants of food that could have perhaps been used. I just felt like they were hogging too much valuable real estate in the cupboards.

My room needed a serious tidy up. I hoovered the floor, put away the clean and dry clothes, tidied up the dirty clothes, emptied the bin and changed the bedsheets. I then sprayed the bedsheets with lavender sleep spray to help me fall asleep easily tonight.

I was able to spend some time on Duolingo today, though not as long as I would have liked to. I finished the course I was on yesterday and had to go through checkpoint three today to get to the next course. I then did a progress quiz and did the best I ever had done on one. I wasn’t able to start any of the new topics though today.

I did some writing and played around on social media. I felt a bit unwell in the early evening, much as I did on Saturday.

I received some bad news today which was that my step mum’s operation had been cancelled. It was due to happen tomorrow. This was terrible news to receive in addition to everything else that has happened since the weekend announcement of the new restrictions.

In more positive news, my friend from Good Gym has decided to run a marathon whilst dressed as Santa on Christmas Day to raise money for the NHS. His initial target was £100 and it was on £60 when I donated my £12 (plus 54p admin fee), but by the time I had completed my transaction it was on £90 and within an hour it was up to £380 which was fantastic.

I now have about £20.06 disposable income until I get the £30 refund from Naked Wines, but this £50.06 has to last until the 30th, and I still need it to buy food, so it is, as my flatmate says when watching a nerve-wracking game of football, ‘squeaky bum time’.

Although I am debt free from credit card and consumer debt, I still live paycheck to paycheck and have minimal savings behind me. That’s a bit of a stretch of the truth. I have no savings behind me. I have a perfect credit score, but I’m still not where I want to be financial. Please know that everyone is on their own individual money journey and some people will be better in some areas compared to others.

The flatmate and I watched Galaxy Quest on Netflix which I really enjoyed. I don’t think I have properly seen it all the way through before. Then we started watching the WWE PPV ‘TLC’ (table, ladders, chairs).

The flatmate had cooked dinner today, so that meant I had to do the washing up. I was feeling better from earlier so made sure to do it this evening as it is such a drag leaving washing up for the next day. I’ve definitely been known to do that though.


I had recently completed some market research work, and today the company sent me a £45 voucher I could redeem at various shops. This was perfect as I desperately need some clothes. I could do with a pair of jeans, and I had also seen a coat I liked at New Look. I exchanged £40 into New Look vouchers and also added a £10 voucher for New Look through Shop and Scan which is another one of my side hustles. I selected the coat which had £20 off and a pair of jeans and the basket came to £55.98. That means in cold hard cash it only cost me £5.98.

I have been devising a spreadsheet where for each month I list what I need to buy on one sheet versus what I want to buy on another sheet. I had set a goal of buying some jeans in January so I am pleased I was able to get them early at a good price.

Other things on my need list for January are a slatted spoon, a security device that covers up addresses on letters and conditioner.

Things on my want list for January are lots and lots of books. I am a book buying fiend.

I haven’t spent as long on Duolingo so far this week as I thought I would have. I have some serious catching up to do. I may have to reset my goal of being number one on the Diamond league to next week instead.

The rain was holding off so I did a warm-up on the exercise bike, then I did half of my strength work out. I realised it was getting later and soon it would be dark, so I went for my run halfway through the strength workout. I ran just under 7km and then I walked to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy. When I went into the pharmacy there was one other customer in-store. A little while after I went to another customer came in and the first customer asked the pharmacist how many people were allowed in the store. She said 3 or 4, which sounded quite high. The customer who came in after I had got a bit aggressive towards the original customer for asking that. I was glad to be out of there.

I finished off my strength work out at home when I got back and then had a shower and my weekly beauty maintenance. I left the face mask on too long and it made my face bright red. Luckily it went down eventually.

I’ve been having trouble going to bed at a sensible time and today was no different. I was having trouble falling asleep and got out of bed at one point to read at my desk for a bit. I eventually felt tired enough to try again.


I woke up at 5:30 AM and tried to fall asleep again, but was still awake at 6 AM. I decided to get up. I was a powerhouse of productivity in the early morning. I gained 250 points on Duolingo and did a long-overdue task of going through all my blog posts on here and adding tags to the ones that didn’t have tags. By 12 PM I was absolutely shattered. I should have had a nap, but instead, I carried on. I was in a bad way from the lack of sleep. I had the bright idea of going to the shops thinking it would wake me up. It wasn’t too busy surprisingly. I bought a tub of Pringles to replace the one I had eaten, a loaf of bread, orange juice, houmous and a cucumber. This all came to £4.73 as the Pringles were reduced by £1.50 for having a club card.

I tried to watch Christmas films when I came back, but I was just too sleepy to concentrate on anything. Around 4:30 PM I fell asleep on the sofa for about an hour which did make me feel a lot better. The flatmate and I had Mexican wraps for tea and watched TV. We caught up with some mutual friends on Zoom and did a few quizzes.

Despite being as tired as I was, I went to bed at a stupidly late time. Because I had been playing around on my phone beforehand, I was quite wired and didn’t fall asleep quickly.


I woke up in what felt like the middle of the night, but I checked and it was 7:30 AM, which is a far more sensible time compared to yesterday. I remembered that they were showing Raymond Briggs animations on Channel 4 at this time, so I got up out of bed. I successfully watched the Raymond Briggs animations – The Snowman, The Snowman and the Snow Dog and Father Christmas – but fell asleep on the sofa during The Simpson’s Christmas episodes. The doorbell rang and it was Royal Mail with my New Look delivery. I tried on my new jeans, they fitted perfectly, and my coat looked swish too. I showed them off to my flatmate who was still very much trying to sleep, but he was kind enough to indulge me. I then got dressed in my exercise clothes because today I am going to fulfil what will be a three-year tradition of running a 10km on Christmas Eve.

I came downstairs and had a cup of coffee whilst watching The Junior Great British Bake Off. I then decided to do a half-hour warm-up on the exercise bike whilst watching episodes of Nigella Lawson’s Cook, Eat, Repeat that I hadn’t seen yet.

Since 2018 on Christmas Eve, I have run a 10km distance. I wanted to make this a real tradition so I set off to do it again today. It was really pleasant. The weather was lovely today, it had been quite terrible yesterday.

The flatmate and I had a relaxing night in. I guess there’s not much choice otherwise considering there is a lockdown on. I went to bed at a fairly sensible time and waited for Christmas.


I woke up at 6 AM and went downstairs to watch The Simpsons. Due to the lack of sleep the last few nights, I spent most of today feeling really sleepy.

Fears about epic traffic jams meant we set off to my flatmate’s parents house with his sister around 8:30 AM. The roads were empty. It was quite nice to see my flatmate’s family again. I had spent many Christmases with them over the years when my flatmate and I were in a relationship.

We exchanged presents; my flatmate had bought me a plastic slotted spoon as part of my Christmas presents so that was one thing less, I would need to buy. We all watched some TV, including the Top of the Pops Christmas special, had the Christmas meal and then went for a walk. Again, we were afraid of traffic on the roads so we set off at a decent time. I was very tired when we got back home, but my flatmate and I stayed up for a few extra hours watching TV. They had special shows about the comedian Victoria Woods which I really enjoyed.

Eventually, I went to bed. This wasn’t the COVID-19 Christmas I had originally planned, but it was still a lovely one.


The flatmate and I needed supplies. I headed to the nearest Tesco because I couldn’t be bothered to go further away to the bigger store. I bought milk, wholemeal baps, veggie sausages, prosecco, courgettes, peanut butter marmite, burrito, tofu, peppers and limes. The shopping came to £27.05.

I went for a run earlier in the day, a comfortable 7km. The second part of the Victoria Wood special was on in the evening and we watched that. I needed some good sleep and was looking forward to a lie in the next day.


The main plan for my day today was to run another 10km. The weather has really been holding up for the last few days and was lovely and sunny. I have been really trying to relax this last week and I was very grateful to have another week of annual leave to look forward to.

I didn’t spend any money today so I declare that the week is over!





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