My old friend Mr Anxiety strikes again

Today involved a fair bit of spending-all from the approved categories. £1.10 for Milk (Work Expense), £3.90 Train fare to friends house (Travel Day to Day) and a £2 donation to my Boss’s maternity leave present (Gifts). The reason why I was travelling to my friend’s house is because she is the Vice Captain of the girls […]

When a bargain isn’t all that great

I had today off work to go to the Dentist. As is customary for my days off I overslept and woke up at midday. This in theory should be a treat as I have to get up before 6am on a working day, but when my ideal time to get up is 5am you can […]

A review of this week

I’m bending the rules a bit here as there have actually been 8 days of the year so far, but I thought I would do a little review of where I stand statistics wise, and Sundays always feel like a nice day for reflection. NO SPEND DAYS (NSDs) = 3 SPENDING FOOD/HOUSEHOLD Tissues £0.80 Milk £1 Bread £0.50 […]

I am doing better than the national average person

Hi everyone, I have been awake for about 45 minutes and in that time I have learned something of value to a person in my situation. According to a new report by the TUC, full details of which can be found here the average household unsecured debt in the UK is £12,887. So my debt of £5996.12 isn’t […]

Adventures Close to Home

I have finally learned how to shop well. All because I nearly undid my 6 days of good work. I was food shopping, just a few essentials, when I went into Iceland (cheapest place for frozen veg based on price per gram-I work this stuff out) and saw a shelf full of Wok’s. I could […]

I started off with the best of intentions, honest! (Also NSD # 3)

When I acquired my first ‘didn’t belong to a bank I was with’ credit card it was honestly with the best of intentions. I have spent most of my employment history on a zero hour contract basis. A zero hour contract is basically a contract where I would be employed by a company on an […]

The pleasures and sorrows of over buying (and NSD #2)

My name is Flo and I’m an over buyer. The world is made up of under buyers, over buyers and probably a huge amount of sane normal people who buy as and when they need something. Lucky gits. I am someone who buys multiples of everything. Does a shirt I like come in three different […]

Better and Worse

On January 1st 2015 I bought a five year diary. Here is what I wrote 2 years ago today: “Somehow I have become a financial hell hole again. I don’t know how I do it.” Hmm, somehow I still hadn’t grasped the concept of spend more than you earn = bad times. Or to put […]

NSD #1

I am pleased to report that today was a ‘No Spend Day’ (NSD) meaning so far this year 1/3 of the days have not involved any money leaving my wallet. Yes the year is only three days old but I will take victories where I can. In December I think the weight of 2016 had […]