I do my accounts from payday to payday so it’s time to assess how I did financially last month. ACCOUNTS MONEY IN Leftover money in account £15 Wages £1218.42 Ebay Sales £55.95 We Buy Books £56.12 Cheque from my Aunt £25 Selling Bike £20 Ziffit £26.46 The boy buying some of my books £5 Holiday spending money £20 Ebay Sales £46.59 Gum tree £15 TOTAL = £1503.54 […]

June 2017 Accounts

Hi all. Payday was yesterday, time to look at the last month’s accounts. JUNE 2017 ACCOUNTS MONEY IN Wages = £1661.03 Savings = £20.03 Refund = £0.67 Selling books = £31.64 Loan from The Boy = £35 Cheque from my Mum on account of me having a breakdown = £100 TOTAL = £1848.37 MONEY OUT Bills = £1541.03 Expenses = £183.58 Overspends on food […]

A Breakdown of my March 2017 Accounts

Hi all, So I do what I call my ‘Accounts’ spreadsheet for each month from payday to payday. This is where I keep track of the money coming in versus the money that goes out. Here is what March looked like MONEY IN Wages = £1206.26 Birthday Money = £100 Leftover Food budget money = £1.13 Excess money […]

January 2017 Financial Review

Hi everybody, It is the end of the first month of the year. I am 1/12 of the way through a No Spend Year and it is time to assess how I spent my money this month. HOME £5/£2.50 WORK EXPENSE £5.90/£7.50 SOCIAL £161.07/£25 (ooops) HEALTH £13.50/£5 GIFT £27.87/£25 TRAVEL (DAY TO DAY) £2/£10 So good points: I was under budget […]