Are You Experienced?

One of my simple pleasures in 2016 was going to the City Centre library-usually each Saturday morning-and picking out new books to read from the money management and economics sections. Whilst I did still buy books in 2016 it was at a much reduced rate. In 2015 I would use the minimum payment on my […]

2nd Week Review

Well it’s Sunday again, I have about 30 minutes spare, so here goes. WEEK OF SPENDING FOOD BUDGET Milk and Breakfast Bars £2.48 Bread and 2 x pizzas £2.80 Milk and Paracetamol £1.64 DISPOSABLE INCOME HEALTH Dentist Check up £13.50 WORK EXPENSE Milk for work £1.90 GIFT Donation to collection for Colleague’s gift £2 SOCIAL Train to Friend’s house £3.90 Coffee with […]

Better (NSD too)

I guess it’s fair to say I am neither one thing or another. I have good days with my anxiety and bad days. Today was a good day. Yesterday I could barely follow a colleague’s conversation without feeling panicked and wanting it to end. Today I actively took part in talking to people and didn’t […]

My old friend Mr Anxiety strikes again

Today involved a fair bit of spending-all from the approved categories. £1.10 for Milk (Work Expense), £3.90 Train fare to friends house (Travel Day to Day) and a £2 donation to my Boss’s maternity leave present (Gifts). The reason why I was travelling to my friend’s house is because she is the Vice Captain of the girls […]

When a bargain isn’t all that great

I had today off work to go to the Dentist. As is customary for my days off I overslept and woke up at midday. This in theory should be a treat as I have to get up before 6am on a working day, but when my ideal time to get up is 5am you can […]