Festive Chocolate Chip Shortbread

I decided to make some shortbread as it is Christmas and I wanted to use my lovely Christmas cookie cutters.

You might not believe me but I actually used white chocolate chips, they do look like milk chocolate in the photo though.

Also you can’t see it but one of the shortbread cut using my snowman cutter got a bit elongated and bent and looked very phallic.


125g Caster Sugar

250g Butter

125g Cornflour

250g Plain Flour

100g Chocolate Chips


Cream the butter and sugar.

Sieve the flours into the mix and blend to form a dough.

Roll out into traditional shortbread formation or use biscuit cutters to make shapes.

Bake for 20 minutes at Gas Mark 5.

Give to the boy to take into work as you don’t want to get too fat before Christmas.


Marmite Chocolate Shortbread


What What What!?! Marmite Chocolate Shortbread?!?

That’s right.

For Easter this year I bought the boy a Marmite Chocolate Easter Egg because I thought he would like it (this was based on his favourite breakfast which is Marmite on toast cut into soldiers which he dips into a hot chocolate).

This was his verdict on the Easter Egg.

The first taste is chocolate, which is nice. The second taste in marmite, which is nice. The third taste is a weird after taste, that is not nice.

Like me, the boy hates wasting food. So he begged me to come up with something to incorporate the leftover egg.

I figured because marmite goes well on buttery toast, then it would go well in all butter shortbread?


The taste is, unusual, but not unpleasant. It is a lot nicer then the chocolate on its own.

It is sort of like a savoury scone, with just a tiny hint of sweetness. But you still get the creamy melted chocolate.

So if you happen to have marmite chocolate about the house give these a try.