Financial Review of Week 36

HI EVERYBODY! I don’t plan on leaving the house today, I’ve got too much desperate-search-for-a-new-job to keep me going. Plus I’ve got to batch cook my work lunches, it will be lentil based I’m sure, I just don’t know what. I am going to look through my cupboards later for inspiration. So here, a little […]

You Know What Time it is (Financial Review of Week 5)

Hi everybody, Well another week has been completed, it’s Sunday, that means it’s time for a financial review!! Here is how my money left my wallet this week: SOCIAL Ticket to football match in March £23 Coffee x 2 with friend £5.59 WORK EXPENSE Milk £2.25 GIFTS 3 x presents £24.87 3 x birthday cards £2.57 TRAVEL Bus £1 POSTAGE AND […]

Payment a Day

My bank account as of this moment only has the exact amount of money left for the two remaining bills that need to come out before next payday. This is because of the following: I have transferred the bulk of the remaining money to my savings account. I have transferred the money that covers the […]

My Worst Moments of Anxiety # 5

Whilst I am usually in a state of mild anxiety, there have been 5 defining moments in my life where my anxiety reached monumental heights and really buggered things up. #5 PARIS, FRANCE 2010 When I was in University most of my closest friends were doing one of the Photography courses whereas I did Film. […]

NSD #1

I am pleased to report that today was a ‘No Spend Day’ (NSD) meaning so far this year 1/3 of the days have not involved any money leaving my wallet. Yes the year is only three days old but I will take victories where I can. In December I think the weight of 2016 had […]