Store Cupboard Mango and Coconut Sponge

As you may have gathered by now I care little for the rules given to me by a Best Before Date on a tin/jar/packet. Use by dates are different as they shouldn’t be ignored, especially in the case of meat and fish, though I have been known on some occasions to eat a vegetarian ready […]

The Rum ‘n’ Coke Tropical Cake

Last night whilst waiting for the boy to get his butt to bed I was flicking through/salivating over the recipes in Matt Tebbutt’s ‘Guilty Pleasures: Your Favourite Sweet and Savoury Indulgences in 130 Easy Recipes’.  I had been thinking about doing something with a free fridge pack of pineapple I was given in a Morrison’s […]

Marmite Chocolate Shortbread

What What What!?! Marmite Chocolate Shortbread?!? That’s right. For Easter this year I bought the boy a Marmite Chocolate Easter Egg because I thought he would like it (this was based on his favourite breakfast which is Marmite on toast cut into soldiers which he dips into a hot chocolate). This was his verdict on […]