Batch Cooking My Work Lunches: Yellow Split Pea Soup

Hi everyone, Don’t worry, my silence on here was due to problems with our internet connection, not a mental health breakdown. Did you miss me? (Tumbleweed blows past) Anyways, this is what I made last Sunday. It made three portions of yummy soup. Three g e n e r o u s portions of soup, […]

Chickpea Crust Pizza (Thank You Eat Well For Less)

In the UK there have been three sporadic series of a show called Eat Well For Less on the BBC which I am a little obsessed with. The premise of the show is you have a family who are brand loyal, or waste a lot of food, or eat really unhealthily, or argue about what […]

Potato (and carrot) Peel Soup for One

In true ‘Money Saving Fashion’ I take books out of the library in my city and one book I took out recently (and am gutted I had to return) was River Cottage Love Your Leftovers. There was a recipe that really intrigued me, which was Potato Peel Soup where the main ingredients is Potato Peels (no prizes for […]

What do you do with a packet of instant mash?

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of a lovely little book I got for Christmas called Eat Well, Waste Less: An A-Z guide to using up your leftovers by Bish Muir. As you know from my previous post  I have a food cupboard crammed to the brim with ‘Why the hell did I buy that?’ packets and tins. […]