The Get in my Face Chocolate Banana Balls

Yep, get in my face and balls have appeared in the same title.

This is totally ripped off  adapted from a recipe in the cookbook Hungry? The innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff by the Innocent Smoothie People but I use less ingredients because it’s cheaper.

The recipe is supposed to use three ripe bananas, but I didn’t want to deplete my newly replenished stock of bananas so in the spirit of ‘Waste Not Want Not’ I used some frozen bananas I had stored in the freezer.

This did mean I had to do a lot of processing to ‘mush’ them when ripe bananas would be ready to go.


2.5 Cups of porridge oats

3 Bananas, ripe, unless you want to use frozen and work hard at it

100g melted butter/margarine

1 cup of mixed dried fruit

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Vanilla paste/extract/essence



Obliterate your bananas into a pile of mush in the mixing bowl.

Add the melted butter, cocoa powder, vanilla and whirl into a mixed frenzy.

Add the oats gradually, you’ll want it stiff but soft if that makes sense, you may need less or more oats.

When you feel happy with the mix add the dried fruit and mix together.

Roll into ball shapes and place on a baking parchment lined baking tray.

I put them in the oven at Gas Mark 4 as I was concerned because I had used frozen bananas that it might ‘melt’ and it seemed to work as they came out happy 25 minutes later (you might want to flip them half way through).

Marmite Chocolate Shortbread


What What What!?! Marmite Chocolate Shortbread?!?

That’s right.

For Easter this year I bought the boy a Marmite Chocolate Easter Egg because I thought he would like it (this was based on his favourite breakfast which is Marmite on toast cut into soldiers which he dips into a hot chocolate).

This was his verdict on the Easter Egg.

The first taste is chocolate, which is nice. The second taste in marmite, which is nice. The third taste is a weird after taste, that is not nice.

Like me, the boy hates wasting food. So he begged me to come up with something to incorporate the leftover egg.

I figured because marmite goes well on buttery toast, then it would go well in all butter shortbread?


The taste is, unusual, but not unpleasant. It is a lot nicer then the chocolate on its own.

It is sort of like a savoury scone, with just a tiny hint of sweetness. But you still get the creamy melted chocolate.

So if you happen to have marmite chocolate about the house give these a try.

How to use up leftover Easter goodies #2 Chocolate Treat Tiffin

This recipe does not include any dried fruit that is more typical of a tiffin as the boy dislikes it. Feel free to add some if you like.

I was following a recipe from River Cottage Lover Your Leftovers which is a recipe book I absolutely love.

Basically if you have a glut of chocolate, biscuits of any description, chocolate treat items such as mini eggs, flakes, buttons, mini chocolates, caramels, candy bars and dried fruit (if you like) then you can’t go far wrong with any recipe for a tiffin.

I am going to make the boy take it to his work tomorrow as I feel a little bit sick if I look at chocolate now.

It will take at least 4 hours to set in the fridge, overnight is better.

How to use up leftover Easter goodies #1 Chocolate Brownies

According to my new-favourite-show-on-TV ‘Good Food, Save Money’ on ITV children end up with 8-9 Easter eggs on average on the Easter Weekend.

That is a lot of chocolate. Now you could eat it all in it’s original form and feel very, very sick, or you could do some therapeutic baking and make delicious melt in the middle brownies.

Alas, this is not my recipe. I was going to have a go at making my own but remembered in a little food notebook I had a recipe given to me by one of my brother’s friends for what was absolutely the best chocolate brownies I have ever had.

The difference was I used 3/4 of my Easter Egg stash in the making of these.


The secret with this recipe is to take the brownies out of the oven when you believe they still need cooking. There should be a little wobble in the middle. This is semi-liquid delicious, you don’t want to overcook that.


I won’t copy my friend’s recipe on here as I am yet to ask her permission for it, so will instead leave you with another picture of the deliciousness.


Really all you have to do is replace the chocolate that any brownie recipe calls for with broken up and melted Easter eggs.

I added a bit of golden syrup when melting the chocolate eggs as that got it going a bit better.

Decadent Chocolate Bites

Today I banished more items from the cupboard.

I feel bad for even calling this a recipe, as it is so simple.


2 x 150g Bars of Tesco Dark Chocolate  (It’s about 75p per 150g bar)

Dried Cranberries (79p for 170g – Home Bargains, you only need a small amount)

Mixed Seeds (the bag I had in my cupboard that expired in January! Originally from Holland and Barrett, again a small amount)


Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in a bowl over a pan of boiling water on the hob, remember to make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water.

Once it has all melted (and be careful to not over stir) pour into your mould.


I used 12 silicon cupcake cases to make relatively equal (and therefore quite chunky) bites. You could use something like a giant mould and then once it has set break into rustic pieces with your hands. I have done that before.

Once your chocolate is in your mould sprinkle over the seeds and cranberries.

Pop in the fridge to set.

Try not to eat all at once. Just because you have a new job doesn’t mean you have to go over board.

Enjoy. x